Waxing Poetic on the Logistics of Writing

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Ode to Being a Writer

Please excuse my ramblings…you’ve gotta start somewhere!

The Background

First off, I’m a writer.

While it is not by profession, or by trade — it is by necessity.

I need to write things down.
I make lists.


I lay the options out on a page.

Shuffle things around. Tweak. Expand. Reword.

And hit the “undo” button many, many times.


The Purpose

On occasion, I’ve entertained the thought of becoming a writer — of something.

A book, an article, a memoir.
My life’s work — or the reason I was put on this earth —

  • to influence others?
  • teach a few life lessons?
  • warn others not to make the same mistakes I’ve made in the past? (That perm I got in the fifth grade *shudder*)

Whatever the reason, it has never come to pass.

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The Motivation

I write — day in and day out — to accomplish goals, meet deadlines…and maintain my sanity.

As a result, I get things done at work, and coworkers compliment my writing style.
And I explain things really well, getting to the main points and summarizing.

The Inspiration

At one point, I transferred roles to another department.

My coworkers said my meeting minutes would be sorely missed.

Now there’s a morale booster for you — I liked working with you, your skills are pretty decent, but your post-meeting documentation is what I’ll miss the most.  

So no, I’m not the next Nora Roberts, or Karin Slaughter, or Charlaine Harris.

Where my inspiration lacks, I make up for in organizational skills and streamlining the (seemingly) obvious.

Consequently, I can make a mean list, document the heck out of a new process, and rock a performance review.

The Reality

Because of this, friends come to me when their resumes need updating.

In addition, managers look to me for feedback when drafting department-wide communications.

And while I don’t excel at being creative/funny/anecdotal/romantic, I can put a pen to paper and communicate my thoughts.

Take it or leave it, it’s who I am.

Yes — I’m a writer.











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