Why You Might Choose to Start a Blog Anonymously

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Starting a blog is a scary thing.

You’re putting yourself out there for the whole world to see.  All eyes are on you.

Will anyone read it? Will anyone take you seriously?

And if they do take you seriously, will they hate everything you’ve written?

There are so many great bloggers out there … how can you possibly compete with their awesome-ness?

What if one of them reads your stuff and calls you a fraud — or what if NO ONE reads your stuff??? Aaaaccckkkk!!!!!!

You open yourself up to such intense criticism, who knows if you will ever recover.


Starting a Blog - Why I choose to blog anonymously


Just kidding. That’s not the way it is.

That’s just what your mind tells you, at first.

In all reality, you will stress out way more than is necessary, worrying about how people will react to what you’ve written.

In the beginning, unless you send your posts directly to friends and family members who will share their fully-biased support, it’s highly unlikely that you will gain random, out-of-the-blue readership.

(There — feel better now??)

In my case, I honestly don’t know what’s worse — having friends & family pick apart all of my posts — wondering if I’m referring to them — asking why I’m not writing more about them specifically ….

Or not having an audience at all.

Like, literally hearing crickets. (Well, I guess not literally crickets, unless I’m sitting out in my back yard …)


Having a Captive Audience

So if you’re starting a blog, why wouldn’t you want your friends and family to be the very first to experience your well-thought-out nuggets of wisdom?

Wouldn’t they be super-supportive, sending the link to all of their friends and coworkers, hence building up traffic for your newly published site?

Who wouldn’t want free publicity?

*girl in the corner raises her hand*

Hey – what’s up, it’s just me….I’m not big on sharing (at least with people I actually know.)

It could be the socially-awkward introvert in me, but I see no tangible benefit in sharing this new endeavor with the people in my life right now.

In fact, I will share with you (my dear anonymous-if-not-imaginary reader) the four categories of responses I’m fairly certain I would receive:  

  • The sympathetic cheerleaders
    • Awwwwwwww, you’re starting a blog? That’s so sweet… What a *cute* little blog it will be … Starting a blog  — what a neat little hobby!
  • The skeptics
    • A personal finance blog … about paying off debt … written by you? Well, isn’t that a bit hypocritical … Should you be giving financial advice to anyone?*
  • The paranoid
    • You’re starting a blog? Am I in it? Are you using real names? What are you saying about me on there???
  • The “balloon poppers”
    • You know, there are hundreds if not thousands of blogs out there just like this one. No one will ever read yours.



Wearing the Cloak of Invisibility

So you see, sharing my musings with a built-in “support” group wouldn’t be doing me any favors. Which is why I am not sharing my blog with people I know. (At least not yet, anyway …)

And in case you haven’t figured this out yet, Diana Hall is an author of my own creation. (That was the pseudonym I was using when I first started my blog. For more details about my reveal, see the post below!)


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For the reasons above, I’m not comfortable with broadcasting my true identity on my blog. 

But the good news is that everything on this blog, and every bit of my content, is 100% real.

Everything comes from the heart, mostly from experience, and always in the hope that someone out there in the inter-web might benefit from something I’ve written.


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Do you or anyone you know of blog using a pen name? Or do you think it’s inauthentic to do this?

Where do you find your blogging support and/or encouragement?

Hit me up with some comments — it would be much appreciated!!


*Note: I will not even pretend to provide financial advice to anyone who reads this blog. So please don’t misconstrue that I am doing so. Go see an expert. I’m not one of those.


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15 thoughts on “Why You Might Choose to Start a Blog Anonymously”

  1. Hey robin….All the points were bang on!! I was thinking that I might be the only one who is not reaching out to friends & acquaintances to boost the blog traffic. Now, I have found my tribe???

    I just smile politely when people say that I should write more often….Maybe even start a blog. They’ll never know even if they stumble upon my blog….

    1. Yes, absolutely! I almost feel like blogging anonymously makes it easier to let the creativity flow. Because once you actually know the members of your audience, you’re constantly wondering how they might react to your writing. It’s easier to be vulnerable when you’re writing out into space…for me, anyway! 🙂

  2. I recently started a blog and didn’t tell anyone either. I am slowly tying things to my social media since I already had built up a good following beforehand. These are the exact reasons I have been holding off on FB, but I think I am going to take the plunge at the end of month so I can back it up with how many viewers I’ve already had.

    1. That’s awesome — I think it’s pretty smart of you to do that, since you’re warming up to the reveal, so to speak. And then having that support once you “come clean” (haha), that should provide an even bigger boost to your traffic! I’m debating revealing my identity as well –
      but I feel like I should review all of my posts first, just in case. While I don’t think I’ve offended anyone I know, you never can tell, LOL. Good luck, and let me know how it goes!

  3. This is so relatable!! I only told my boyfriend, who is super supportive and seriously interested, and my close friends, plus my mom. I’ve read a lot of bloggers are a little shy about telling people about their blogs so I’m sticking to the thought that it’s super normal!!

    1. Hey Erin! Yes, I think many writers are drawn to blogging because we can do it from behind our laptops, LOL. I’ve only told one friend (who lives out of state), and my husband, although I don’t think he’s actually read anything I’ve written. So I’m flying kinda solo — guess that’s why I really appreciate the online community! ?

  4. I’m in the works of starting a blog, but I’m doing it secretly because of exactly what you wrote about. I don’t think I’ll even tell my husband until it’s well established. Major introvert here.

    1. Hi Sarah – I know, it’s so hard to put ourselves out there – even online! I will say I find it so much easier to do this from behind a computer, rather than speaking up in person. But I also think that’s perfectly okay – We can choose the outlet that suits us best, and make the most of it. The important part is to just get started. A month or two down the road, you’ll be amazed at what you’ve accomplished. And your confidence will keep on growing 🙂

  5. I have a pen name and no one knows that I blog. Not even my husband, yet. I want to tell my friends and family but I am a major introvert and just can’t bring myself to do so. I hope one day I can get over it and actually tell people but for now I will stay hidden.

    1. I’m right there with you! My introvert ways won’t allow me to broadcast it to those around me — plus I don’t want them scrutinizing my opinions or topic choices. But I guess there will come a time when we both decide not to care about what others think?

  6. I do not blog anonymously and yet I still didn’t tell most of my friends and family that I started a blog! Ha! Guess I’m more worried about having to hear 3 years from now at the Christmas table…so whatever happened to that thing you started? what was it…oh yes, a blog??

    1. Hi Kat – Yes, very true! We become somewhat vulnerable by putting ourselves out there online, and not knowing what the future will bring. Guess that’s where we need to find our support group somewhere — whether it’s close friends, family, or even the online community we belong to! 🙂

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  8. Hi
    I too haven’t really told people irl about my blog/website. I’m still working it out and finding my voice.
    While I haven’t gone to the extreme of creating a name to write under I can see how for employment reason why you would.

    I intend to come out of the blogging closet one day so I chose to publish under my name.

    A friend of mine found my site the other day and called me out on it. She is definitely the cheerleader type, but I do worry about the day the other types find out. Hopefully I’ll have had some successes by then.

    I find support in fb groups, my boyfriend and my cheerleader friend.
    Good luck on your blogging journey ?

    1. Thank you for the support! I agree, it’s hard enough to gain your footing and determine what message you want to convey. Maybe it will become easier, once I have built up more confidence. Best of luck on your journey as well — I really like your site!

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