Why Starting a Side Hustle Is a Perfect Distraction

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Why Starting a Side Hustle Is a Perfect Distraction

Hey everyone — The following is a guest post written by my friend Chris Panteli, who blogs at LifeUpswing.com. Chris shares his personal story of a major life change, and how he revised his mindset to have more control over his future successes. And he also shares some great information on how you can do the same — 

Need the Perfect Distraction? Start a Side Hustle

I’ve always dabbled with side hustles in one way or another, even before I knew that is what I was doing. From selling candy and fizzy drinks at school for ludicrous amounts of profit to collecting and selling Pokémon cards — Making money outside of the conventional 9-5 has been in my blood. 

But when I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 33, I decided to embark upon a new money-making adventure. I had always been fascinated by the world of online marketing. And the new situation I found myself in presented itself with the perfect opportunity to allow myself to become distracted. And there’s a huge added advantage of starting a side-hustle as a way to distract yourself. 

Life may present any unknown number of crazy scenarios, from health problems to relationship upsets. But a side hustle not only takes your mind off the drama surrounding you — it can also fill up your bank account at the same time!

What Is a Side Hustle

A side hustle can be defined as any activity which provides earnings outside of any main source of income.

And while side hustle earnings are often initially additional revenue streams, they can over time surpass that of main employment. 

Increasing income is often the main objective for starting a side hustle, but there are often more benefits that come along with it — which we will discuss further in detail. 

Firstly, it is worth noting that according to a recent study by LifeUpswing, 50% of Americans would consider starting a side hustle to make extra money. And yet 35% of Americans don’t actively engage in any form of additional income generation.

And while there are a number of factors that would prevent people from doing this, the benefits outside of earning more money are worth considering.

How To Choose a Side Hustle

So before you can jump into that new Ferrari, paid for by that 6 figure blog or eBay flipping business, you should probably understand how best to decide upon your new venture.

Thanks to the internet, the opportunities nowadays are vast, and can be started for much lower costs than ever before.

In fact, my blog only needed a few dollars a month to become up and running – and within a few months had already paid for itself – as well as generating substantially more cash than I had invested. 

So to begin picking your ideal side hustle you should first make a self evaluation on any skills or attributes you already have. This way, you will be able to leverage your talents and fast track your progress. If for example you are a professional designer or have some extensive training in digital graphic design – then selling your services on a platform like Fiverr is a no brainer. 

And if you work as a teacher, then a side hustle working as a freelance writer, proofreader or even tutor would be a natural fit. 

But as this article is discussing using a side hustle as a distraction, it may in fact be your day job that you wish to escape. And so for that reason, you may want to reframe your analysis by judging how your skills can be transferable to any field that you may have a particular interest in. 

Why Should You Start a Side Hustle

Starting a side hustle is actually the easy part — maintaining the day-to-day graft through everything else life throws at you is probably the hard part.

So lets now discuss the main reasons you may wish to consider not only starting, but also continuing once you begin. 

Make More Money

Well it would be remiss of me *not* to mention the blindingly obvious in that making more money is probably the stand out reason to start.

But having more money will have additional advantages, which I’m sure you’ll be aware of. Money gives you more options, more choices and more freedom. And in a world where distraction can be costly, this in of itself is worth the effort. 

Reduce Your Downtime

Sometimes, the distraction we need from the monotony of life is simply to fill in the gaps. Perhaps you have children who have grown up and fled the nest — and those weekends suddenly feel much longer than a few years ago.

Having a side hustle is an incredible way to occupy what would otherwise be your downtime, and will keep the mind busy. 

Grow Your Network and Opportunities

I know from experience that starting a side hustle means you get to meet new people. And after my diagnosis with diabetes, I quickly joined blogging related Facebook groups to get the lay of the land.

Not only did this networking put me in touch with people that could help with my venture, but also people tend to talk to about life in general.

This is always a welcome distraction, and kills two birds with one stone. You are able to progress your business as well as shift focus from your preoccupations. 

Make a Difference

Helping others could best be described as a healthy distraction — and probably why philanthropic behavior is so popular.

In fact, in 2019, Americans gave $449.64 billion as charitable donations. And while simply giving money is probably less effective than giving your time — it certainly highlights the point. Acting in any way that helps others is a great distraction, and your side hustle can provide a meaningful vehicle to get this done. I have personally been able to help more people in my close circle of friends with contacts I’ve made along my blogging journey. 


So there are more reasons than just making money to start a side hustle. And the distraction that it can provide is pretty obvious, when you look at it.

Once you commence your new venture, you will quickly notice that those thoughts, worries or concerns you couldn’t shake suddenly become less important.

The more you throw yourself into your new distraction, the better your new business will perform. And hopefully, as time goes on, the less you will need it to be a distraction – but instead it will become an integral woven part of the new fabric of your life. 

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