11 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online from Home

How You Can Make Easy Money Online 


Legitimate Ways to Make Money on the Side


The intent of this page is to provide links to Resources I have used to make extra cash on the side, and Reviews from my personal experiences with them.


This page contains affiliate links, which means I could receive some sort of compensation (at no cost to you) if you choose to click and/or make a purchase using my referral links.


1. Surveys for Cash

This section reviews several popular (and some less known) survey panels that can be accessed on a computer or on your phone. The reviews also include my opinions on general profitability (whether or not they are worth your time, if you are mainly looking to make money.)

Click the link above to connect to my Surveys page. This page will contain reviews of all of the survey sites and apps that I have used and my personal experiences with each of them.


2. Website User Testing

This section contains reviews and best practices for Website User Testing. Companies pay people to test out their websites to ensure the layout, wording and functionality is clear and understandable. Online stores want to know how easy it is to locate products and use their checkout process. Organizations look for feedback on how easy it is to navigate through their website. These are all jobs that you can sign up for under User Testing.


3. Price Drop Services

How I Earned Over $700 Over $800 Cash Back with Price Drop Services like Ebates vs Paribus vs Sift vs Earny

This section goes over how to make some extra cash by shopping with the use of Price Drop Services, which could fall under the following:

  • Services where you need to initiate purchase through an actual app or website in order to generate an electronic trail back to your account. Then once your purchase has been validated, you receive a percentage or dollar amount back.
  • Programs where your email address or credit card is linked, so the service can identify when you’ve made an online purchase. Purchases are scanned on the backend and you are notified if a refund may available, due to a price drop. In many cases, the service will contact the store and submit a claim on your behalf for any refund owed (with minimal to no effort on your end.)



4.  Shopping and Rebate Apps

In this section, I will review and make recommendations on popular (and not-so-popular) Shopping and Rebate apps.

By this, I mean apps where you can “activate” special offers for cash back when you purchase specific items. You activate the offer, go shopping as you normally would, and then scan your receipt as proof that you purchased said item. Once the scanned receipt is validated, you will be awarded the cash back amount to your account. In a way, this is like applying a coupon after the fact. Depending on the item, you can get anywhere from 25 cents to a few dollars per coupon.


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5.  Online Consignment

This section will review my experiences with Online Consignment, including eBay, Swap.com and ThredUp.

If you are looking to declutter, reduce living space, or pursue tiny living, this may be a great option for you. Lots of people have items sitting around that are in great condition, but they just don’t have a use for anymore. If you have like-new or gently used items, especially top brand or designer names, you can make some decent side cash with this option. Keep in mind though — you won’t make back what you paid for these items. But if you have no plans to wear/use them anymore, then what’s the point of them just sitting in your closet gathering dust?


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6.  Crowdsourcing and Tasking Sites

In this section, I will offer reviews and recommendations on sites where you can sign up to perform short tasks.

Individually, they don’t produce much of an income. However, if you can build a momentum to generate multiple tasks back to back, this can prove to be profitable. Also, the more tasks you complete, the better your reputation becomes as a tasker. This increases your percentage for task qualification, and will open you up to more beneficial opportunities. The key to tasking is to be extremely focused and maintain a keen attention to detail.


7.  Get Paid for Ad Clicks

In this section, I review various Click-through websites and provide my opinion on if the effort is worth your time. There are people who absolutely love these types of opportunities. Examples of click-through sites would be getting paid to open/read emails or watch advertisement videos. While the payment per item is typically really low, the right person can benefit from the accumulation of these tasks. You will eventually see the rewards adding up.



8.  Focus Groups

This section addresses how to sign up for online and in-person focus groups.

Focus Groups are a great way to provide feedback while collaborating with others. Some people find it easier to communicate opinions as part of a group, so you can help one another build out a collective response. At times it can be difficult to verbalize exactly how you feel. When you are exposed to the opinions of others, it can help you determine your own response, whether it’s in line with what others are saying, or if you hold a differing opinion. Focus groups can have many different formats. Popular ones are: online chat groups, webcam interviews, mobile phone video responses, live surveys with online moderators, in-person at a central location, or even on the regular telephone.

Websites where you can search for and join focus groups:


9.  Freelancing

Everyone has something that they are good at — whether it’s writing, drawing, singing, organizing, programming — you name it.  Freelancing websites allow you to market those skills to potential buyers. This could result in either short or long term assignments, depending on what the buyer is looking for. Maybe they need someone to design a new web page, or brand logo. Or maybe they need someone to consistently provide short articles as content for their blog. The possibilities are really endless, and these sites allow you to connect with clients you may not have found otherwise.

Websites where you can apply for freelancing jobs/tasks:


10.  Product Influencer

There are communities out there where you can provide feedback on products and services, build a social following, and potentially make money for providing honest and thoughtful reviews. And once you build a large enough following (increasing your circle of impact), businesses may choose to send their products to you, with the intent of having you use them and then sharing your honest feedback.

Websites where you can apply for product influencer jobs/tasks:



11.  Miscellaneous

This section is for all other opportunities that don’t fit in the above categories.




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