Talk to Your Kids About Credit Cards & Debt

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My son went shopping yesterday for a new bathing suit. He came home with a new Speedo, and a department store credit card. First, let me clarify that the Speedo is a pair of swim trunks, and not the piece of stretchy material that is typically imagined when one thinks of a Speedo. Now that we have that particular visual addressed, I’ll get back to the issue at hand — his first credit card. My son is a recent college graduate. He’s 22 years old, so clearly an adult who can make his own choices. And yet, I feel extremely protective (and …

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7 Ways to Help Someone with Social Anxiety

So this post is going to be a little different … I don’t have much to say about making or saving money. I don’t have helpful tips on how to build your blog. I have no courses or affiliates to recommend.  This post is different, because yesterday was a really tough day for me. Yes, I said that heinous word “me” — instead of “you”. Because when you start a blog, it’s all about the audience, and I get that. You’re not supposed to talk about yourself, because strangers aren’t particularly interested in your life — They visit your blog to …

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Waxing Poetic on the Logistics of Writing

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Please excuse my ramblings…you’ve gotta start somewhere! The Background First off, I’m a writer. While it is not by profession, or by trade — it is by necessity. I need to write things down. I make lists. Prioritize.  I lay the options out on a page. Shuffle things around. Tweak. Expand. Reword. And hit the “undo” button many, many times.   The Purpose On occasion, I’ve entertained the thought of becoming a writer — of something. A book, an article, a memoir. My life’s work — or the reason I was put on this earth — to influence others? teach …

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Starting the Journey – Getting Out of Debt

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Debt Repayment Documentation This is the first *official* post documenting my family’s debt journey. Who’s excited?? Haha Through this, I’m trying to get a grasp on and form some structure around: –  What we’re paying out each month –  How much of that is actually reducing the balance –  What amount of debt is remaining First off, I’m finding the amounts are not balancing out perfectly. But I’m hoping this will all make more sense & be a little easier going forward. And really, the bottom line is to make sure the balance is going down and not up. Because if I’m doing …

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