Looking for Free Stuff? Be Careful — Sometimes Free Isn’t Really Free

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Who Doesn’t Love Free Stuff?


Everybody Loves Free Stuff

I was scrolling through Facebook the other morning, when something caught my eye.

It was brown and furry, with big feet, a pink button nose, and long floppy ears. OMG someone was giving away bunnies!!! 

Immediately, I was in love.

And I started going over all these plans in my mind. Plans of how I might bring this little puff ball into my life.

Because it would be as easy as stopping by the local farm, picking out a rabbit, and bringing him home. Easy peasy.

In my town, there are several large farms. These farms sell fresh produce, flowers, eggs, baked goods, various crafts, and are just altogether fun to go visit. Lots of times they’ll support a charity event by selling their wares, and also include a petting zoo to entertain the kids. Or me — cuz, like, I’m just a big kid at heart.

One of the events going on that very day was not terribly far from my house. They were having all of the cool stuff above, plus goats, chickens, and a bunch of other fun activities.

But the part that totally had me lingering on the post was about the bunnies. Apparently the farm was partnering with a local rescue organization to rehome these bunnies for adoption.

And their pictures were sooo cute — big fluffy squishy puffalumps, sitting on the laps of volunteers. They looked so happy, so content, and so cuddly! And they were FREE!!!!

OMG, how could we NOT get a bunny??

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“Failure to Launch”: Helping Your Child Transition into Financial Adulthood

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Failure to Launch – Helping Young Adults Navigate their Future


Failure to Launch – What is It?

This next post was super interesting to learn more about. And little did I know — I was already in the midst of this very process. I had no idea “Failure to Launch” was more than just a movie. But I did know the trials and tribulations of navigating young adults into their independence.

I have two sons who are in their twenties, so I’m quite familiar with the push and pull of encouraging them to come into their own. The frustration when they’re not taking full responsibility for their life choices. And the fear of letting them go too soon.

Which is why I’m so glad my friend Brian wrote this post outlining the best ways to help your child transition into financial adulthood. Brian and I are both Gen X’ers, and have children at similar points in their lives. He also writes about financial wellness and paying off debt on his blog, Debt Discipline. Brian and his family have an amazing story about their journey to pay off over $100,000 of debt. So be sure to check out his family’s journey on his site.

And keep reading below, for everything you’ll need to help your kids avoid “Failure to Launch”.

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10 Best Ways To Get Free Money (Yep, Actually Free!)

where can you find free money?
Where Can You Find Free Money?

Can You Actually Get Money For Free?

I know what you are thinking. “There you go, another click bait headline about getting free money. There is no such thing as free lunch.”

This is the main reason why I decided to write this article. In reality, there are free lunches in life, but you have to look for the hidden gems. And this is not surveys or yard sales disguised as free money. We will be discussing how to get actual free dollars.

We all have times when we are in a bind, when any dollar amount will make a huge difference in our lives. College for sure, but some tough times occurred during my transition from fellowship training to attending status (I’m a doctor). I had underestimated the cost of moving, getting a new place and lots of incidental spending. We were too focused on paying off our loans that we were skinny on our emergency fund.

While most of those costs were reimbursed eventually, it took some time to balance everything financially. We took out our entire emergency fund and even dipped slightly into our credit card. How else would I pay for those flights, board exams and the $10,000 to the moving company?

Well, I would have appreciated these tips at the time. Every dollar counts and I have witnessed situations when it really did.

We have talked about 101 ways to save money in the past and you can start with that. Then it’s free money time. Here are 10 foolproof ways to get free money.

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Best Tips to Succeed with a Work from Home Job

Best Tips to Succeed with a Work from Home Job - Young man sitting at laptop with coffee
Who Wouldn’t Want to Work from Home?

Want to Work from Home? Here’s What You Need to Know

The thought of working from home is a dream for many. Just imagine — working at home in your pajamas, not having to deal with rush hour, or nosy coworkers, or office politics.

Not to mention all of the money you would save on business attire, drycleaning, vehicle maintenance & gas, expensive lunch outings, and those pesky afternoon lattes.

Nowadays, many companies are coming on board with the reality of remote workers. After all, there’s a lot that’s in it for them as well. Namely, employee health and satisfaction, decreased real estate needs, workers putting in longer hours, and overall flexibility in business coverage.

It’s a win-win for all involved.

So once you land your dream job of working from home, how do you make the very best of that opportunity? What’s your strategy for remaining engaged and motivated, to justify working your 9-to-5 from the comfort of your own home? And how do you make sure you’re being just as productive as you would be if you were physically in office?

These are all important questions that have been tackled by my friend Chris, who has been a remote employee for many years. Chris writes about personal finance, debt, money mindset, and life on his blog, Money Stir.

And as a remote worker myself, I can testify to the importance of all he has listed below. Because you can most definitely become a top performer, even when working from home. But you need to shift your approach a bit, to ensure you’re maintaining visibility as well as exceeding expectations for your customers, peers, and managers.

And with that said, I turn the stage over to Chris!

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