Fetch Rewards App – Real Review – Is It Worth Your Time?

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Fetch Rewards App Review 

Note: This page includes affiliate links — which means I may receive some sort of compensation (at no cost to you) if you sign up or make a purchase through these links.

If you’ve tried some popular receipt scanning apps like Ibotta, Checkout 51 or Saving Star, then you might have heard of a newer one called the Fetch Rewards app.

Fetch Rewards App: Scan Receipt
Fetch Rewards App: Scan Receipts, Earn Points

Fetch Rewards is a receipt scanning app that turns your store receipts into rewards. According to its website, you use the Fetch Rewards app to scan grocery receipts from any grocery, convenience, or club store.


And actually, you can do way more than that. You can also scan receipts from drugstores, big box stores, dollar stores and liquor or package stores. 


The app reads the items from your receipt and “Fetches” points for you. And the points vary based on the product or brand that you purchase. Keep collecting points to redeem for awesome rewards. 

What kind of rewards? Well, all types of stuff –

Beauty products, electronics, clothing, music, housewares, restaurant gift cards and even Visa or MasterCard gift cards.

Want to check out Fetch Rewards? You can download the Fetch Rewards app from the App store for iOS devices, or from the Google Play store for an Android device.

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Enter Fetch Rewards Referral Code F0HEV to get 2,000 Bonus Points 

Download the Fetch Rewards app to your phone, register your new account and enter Fetch Rewards Referral Code F0HEV during the signup process.

After you sign up and scan your first receipt, you will be awarded 2,000 free Bonus Points!


Fetch Rewards for iPhone users, Click to continue
For Android users, continue reading below …


Fetch Rewards – Update for Android Users

Since initially publishing this post, I’ve received some feedback from folks saying the Fetch Rewards app doesn’t always work on Android devices.

From comments I’ve received from multiple users, there appears to be some glitch within Android’s older operating systems making them incompatible with the Fetch Rewards app.

When researching further, I found a few online articles that say it’s a constraint of the Android hardware/OS/inner-workings — nothing really to do with the Fetch Rewards app at all. I found these two articles that explain how Androids are built and customized, depending on manufacturer. And also how difficult it is for updates to be pushed through consistently.

Response from Fetch Rewards

So I decided to reach out to the company, to see if there was any course of action an Android user could take, or if they had any other comment to add to the discussion.

I asked if it truly was due to a technical constraint of the Android infrastructure, and if there was anything  additional a user could do to receive Fetch Rewards’ most updated features.

Here is the response I received from the company:

Hi Robin, Thank you for reaching out to Fetch Rewards!

One of the many wonderful things about Android devices is that they are very individual, created uniquely, and by different manufacturers. This is fabulous and fun because people can personalize their devices in really cool ways!

However, as you know, technology progresses at an extremely fast rate these days. New capabilities for devices are released and here at Fetch, we try our hardest to be available for all the devices. But as technology progresses, so must Fetch Rewards.

The good thing, is that if a user has a device that is incompatible with Fetch, they can simply sign on one of their friend’s or family member’s devices, and redeem their points. It’s really as easy as that. And their account will still be around for them to sign into when they do obtain a newer model device.

Just to break down the above, I’d like to point out a couple of things:

  1. If the Fetch Rewards app no longer works on your Android phone, there doesn’t appear to be a workaround to fix this (at the moment).
  2. If you currently have reward points sitting on the app, you’ll want to find a way to redeem those points before you reach that 90-day mark — when points are forfeited for non-use of the app.
  3. Per the company’s suggestion, the way to do this would be to log onto a friend or family member’s phone, download the app, and then redeem your points.
  4. I would even go so far as to suggest you redeem all points as often as possible, no matter what type of phone or operating system you have. There’s nothing worse than putting a ton of time and effort into accumulating thousands of points, and then realizing you can’t get into the app in order to redeem them. Just a thought.

So that’s my update —

And I’d like to give a shoutout to Bethany and Lindsay at Fetch Rewards for responding to my questions so quickly. I wasn’t sure if I’d receive a response at all, since I had reached out to their general support area. But the fact that a response came in so expediently goes to show they are doing their best to look out for their customers.

But please be aware — if you have an older version of Android phone (even as recent as one year old), and do not receive the updates to the operating system, it may not work appropriately with this app.

However, it does appear the company is aware of the issue and they are working to bring all software components up to speed.

The Lowdown

What Makes Fetch Rewards app Different

  • You don’t need to activate deals beforehand
  • You don’t need to scan any bar codes
  • There are NO surveys to take
  • There are NO video ads to watch

  • Plan your shopping trips based on items that will earn the most points
  • Items can be added directly to your Shopping List
  • Search for Recipes and add ingredients to your Shopping List
  • Earn Base Points for items on your receipt, based on the item price
  • Earn Bonus Points for buying promoted items



Stores where you can Earn Money from Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards App - Receipts Screen
Earn Points at any Store
  • Shop Rite
  • Publix
  • 7-Eleven
  • Walmart
  • Walgreens
  • Dollar General
  • Family Dollar
  • CVS
  • Food Lion
  • Target
  • Dollar Tree
  • Costco
  • Shell
  • Stop & Shop
  • Whole Foods
  • Harris Teeter
  • Big Lots
  • K Mart
  • Price Chopper
  • Rite Aid
  • Shaw’s
  • Sam’s Club
  • ….and MANY, MANY more!


Seriously, the above list is just to show the wide range of stores where you can use the Fetch Rewards app.

It’s not just your regular grocery store, but also club stores, convenience stores, dollar stores and pharmacies.

Any place where you might do some shopping — buying EVERY DAY items — you can submit your receipts and earn extra cash back rewards.


What’s on the App

Fetch Rewards App - Ways to Earn Points

How to Save

Special Offer Bonuses – To receive extra points when certain items are purchased and scanned.

Special Offer points are awarded for completing the listed offers within the app. For percentage back offers, points are awarded based off the price paid on the item.

Receive entries for a chance to win products. For example, scan any receipt for a chance to win a year supply of coffee. Or buy a particular brand to receive 5 sweepstakes entries.

Brands – Search for products that will earn you the most points by brand and category. Filter by categories like Baking, Beauty, Dairy, Frozen, Snacks, etc. Also save your brand Favorites and receive Suggestions.

Receipt Scan Bonus Points – Earned for doing an great job scanning consistently, and “just for being awesome”. 

Plan Your Shopping Trip

Recipe Inspiration – Hundreds of unique recipe ideas to help you plan your next shopping trip. From Appetizers to Desserts, plus Beverages, Soups, Sides and Salads — and even Kid-Friendly dishes. And don’t forget to check out all of the budget-friendly crockpot recipes!

√ Neat trick – If you find a recipe you’d like to try, you can click the little + icon on the right side of the screen. This will add all ingredients to your Smart List! 

Smart List – to add items to your grocery shopping list. Easily enter any item and quantity, either from suggestions on the app or by using your keyboard. Sort items, update description or quantity, and mark as Complete to cross it off your list. 

Fetch Rewards App - Recipes
Recipe Inspiration Screen
Fetch Rewards App - Smart List
√ Shortcut – Add Ingredients to Smart List












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How to scan receipts

  • First, plan your shopping trip. The Fetch Rewards app can help you by showing which items will earn the most points. Click the + sign to add that item to your shopping list
  • Check out the Special Offers, or search for items you need by Brand
  • Go to the store, and get to shopping!

    Fetch Rewards App - Receipts Bonus
    Scan Receipts for Bonus Points


  • Once you’ve made your in-store purchase, grab your receipt and get ready to scan
  • In order to receive Fetch Rewards credit, make sure your receipt contains the following information:  Store name or logo, date, time and total purchase amount


  • Click the Scan button, and then Scan Receipt. This will engage your phone’s camera. Line up your receipt edges within the camera guides. Also be sure to activate the flash if you’re in a dark area.
  • Once you take the photo, you can choose to Retake if the image is blurry, or click Finish.
  • Or, if you have a longer receipt, you can click the + sign to add another section to the scan.


  • When you’re satisfied with the image(s), click Finish
  • The app will tell you the image is loading, and if any errors are identified
  • And when the receipt has been validated, you’ll receive points to your Fetch Rewards account



  • Receipt inaccurate or Items missing message – This could happen if the scanner cannot read all required information off of your receipt. One of the following items may be missing:  store name, purchase date or time, product name/price, or total sale. Before submission, the app allows you to add any information it missed during the scan. You have up to 14 days to correct a receipt.
  • If your receipt image is blurry, you can re-scan and view for clarity before submission.
  • If you receive any other errors that are not addressed on the Fetch Rewards app or website, you can email their online team at support@shopfetch.com
  • Error message that says “receipt scanner is temporarily down” – This is a new error message that people have started seeing, and we have yet to determine a source or resolution to this issue. Further research is being done at this time, and an update will be made once we have made contact with the company to determine next steps… So please stay tuned!!


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Things to Know

  • The Fetch Rewards app can be combined with other couponing apps, like Ibotta and Saving Star.
    This means your savings can essentially be stacked. Which means you’ll be able to make money from all of these apps at the same time.
  • You can also use regular in-store coupons for purchases.
  • Eligible stores are located in the U.S. only. Fetch Rewards is currently unable to process receipts from outside of the country.
  • You can use your Fetch Rewards points to earn gift cards (cannot be redeemed for cash). However, you can redeem rewards points for Visa or MasterCard gift cards, which essentially can be used as cash.
  • If you are inactive on the app for 90 days, any existing points will expire. But don’t worry — the Fetch Rewards app will send you a notification beforehand. So if you’ve been really busy and haven’t been scanning, you’ll receive a gentle reminder.


Updated Features  

This year, the Fetch Rewards app has been updated for iPhones to also accept e-receipts. This means you can connect both your Amazon.com account and your email account. (Development for Android users is currently in progress.)

While this feature is still considered to be in the beta testing phase, I’ve already seen a noticeable difference in my accumulation of rewards points.

Connecting your Amazon.com account means your Amazon purchases can now be counted towards points

Connecting your email account means any other online purchases you make can be applied to your Fetch Rewards account

This update allows you to accumulate points quicker and easier than before!

(Also note this feature is currently only available on iPhones.)

From the Scan section, instead of selecting the orange camera icon (for hard copy receipt scanning), you’d select the blue e-receipt button.

Once you click the blue button, the Fetch Rewards app will automatically retrieve the e-receipts from your Amazon account and email account.

Note: While implementation of this feature for Android phones is currently in development, at this time, the e-receipt feature is only available on iPhones



Another update recently made is the addition of SingleCare.

SingleCare is a discount prescription plan that can save you up to 80% on your prescriptions.

In addition, the first time you use SingleCare, you’ll receive a bonus 5,000 Fetch Rewards points. And every use after that will reward you another 1,000 points.

Full disclosure — I have not used this feature yet. But I figured it was worth mentioning, since it’s an update to the Fetch Rewards app. Once I do use this feature, I will be sure to update this post appropriately with my feedback.

Single Care - Fetch Rewards


Reward Points

Fetch Rewards App - Redeem Points
Redeem Points for Rewards

Start accumulating reward points by scanning all of your store receipts. Then redeem those points for awesome gifts and prizes.

You can search for rewards either by category or point value. See what you’re able to trade them in for, or see how many more points you need to work up to.

Once you set your eyes on a prize and have accumulated enough points, just tap Redeem and you’ll receive an email for your reward.

Popular reward categories: Art, Beauty, Electronics, Entertainment, Fashion, Gifts, Home Goods, MasterCard/Visa gift cards, Media, Office Supplies, Pets, Restaurant, Retail, Spa, Specialty stores and Travel. Or you can also donate your reward points to one of over 250 charities.





Fetch Rewards app review - Is it worth your time? Plus FREE referral code


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22 thoughts on “Fetch Rewards App – Real Review – Is It Worth Your Time?”

  1. Fetch is worth it. You get over 25 cents per receipt no matter what you purchase plus bonus points on select items. Not like Ibotta where you have to purchase specific items.

  2. Fetch Rewards app is nothing but a scam don’t waste your time. I’m in a group of over a hundred who have had accounts deactivated when they tried to cash out points up in 50 thousand range and this group just started 3 months ago God knows how many were screwed by them

    1. I’m not familiar with this issue, but am sorry you are running into trouble. I tried to do some research, and couldn’t find anything extremely helpful. The majority of what I’ve seen is that there may be an incompatibility between the app version and your phone software (not sure if you have Android or iOS?) Maybe take a look at it from that angle. Or even if you can delete the app and re-add it, sometimes that helps (maybe try to redeem your current points before doing so, just in case?)

  3. Tammie R. Locklear

    I was using fetch rewards for awhile and accumulated a lot of points then they terminated my account because they missed products I bought and I scanned the bar code for proof but they said I did it too often. In the past they had missed products and I contacted them and they realized it was their fault. I contacted them several times and they refused to let me use the app. What should I do? I really loved the app and I don’t know what else to do. Should I fight it legally? Thank you for your help. I love your blog. It is very informative. Thank you in advance for any advice you may have. Sincerely, Tammie

  4. Lol gotta LOVE IT when some technologies (like Fetch) dern ignorance and devalue your phone, instead of making adjustments or accommodations.

  5. Melinda Miller Henderson

    My sister keeps getting a “the receipt scanning is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later” she shut the site down and reopened. She tried to scam her receipt. The same notice appeared. She’s really frustrated!

  6. Thanks for the update, Robin, I can confirm I was using Fetch regularly on my Moto X4, running Android 9, ( Nov 1, 2019 security updates ), and since late December, I have been unable to login. I had used my Google account, and trying to do this now just gets me “incorrect user or password” error, or it just relaunches utseii endlessly. I’ve been using the app with my Google login on my iPad mini 2, running iOS 12.4.4, with no issues. So I’ll be watching for Fetch updates as well as Android updates, and see what happens

  7. I’ve been waiting over a yr for fetch to have e-receipt. Very frustrating there is NO “”blue’ camera and still no e-receipts. My phone is 1 yr old. My shopping is 97% online since i have no car. I really like fetch but both fetch and fetch customers are losing out without the option of e-receipts.

  8. Just a word of warning about Fetch Rewards … I tried to upload receipts to my account this morning. When opening the app, I was met with the message that the app needed to be updated. OK, no problem … I thought. Turns out I could not update the app since Fetch Rewards no longer supports the version of the Android operating system on my device. My device is only 2 years old. Fetch Rewards told me I need to buy a new device! Really? Go out & spend $200-300 on a new device so I can use their app!? And to add insult to injury, they told me if I don’t update my app & use it within 90 days, I will LOOSE all the points in my account! Just beware of this app!!!!!

    1. Hi Jan – Thank you for the heads up! I don’t have any experience with Android phones. But when researching further, it appears this is a constraint of the Android hardware/OS/inner-workings — and could have impacts beyond the Fetch Rewards app. I found these two articles that explain the many variations of hardware that can go into an Android device, and how difficult it is for the updates to be pushed through consistently.

      Again, I have never used an Android phone, so cannot speak from experience — and I’m sorry I couldn’t locate a better answer for you! Hopefully something will change going forward, to permit universal usage no matter what type of smartphone a person uses. If I hear anything further I will post an update!

  9. No matter how much I spend…. $5.00 – $159.70, each receipt only gives me 25 points.

    I will never be able to get enough points with just 25 points per scan. I’m finding another app.

    1. Hi Cindy – Yes, the base point system that Fetch Rewards applies is 25 points per receipt, no matter the total spent. But when you look at the Special Offers, that’s where you can start accumulating & multiplying your efforts. For example, as of today, there is an offer where you can receive 1,500 points for purchasing 3 cans of Campbells Well, Yes soup. Or you can earn 250 points for buying a half gallon of Breyers ice cream. That being said, I do also use several other receipt scanning apps, to make the most of each purchase.

    1. Hi Colleen – When I redeemed my points through the app, the reward code was emailed to me within the hour. The email sender was called “The Virtual Reward Center”, and the message contained a link to my electronic Amazon gift card. And at that point, I could use my gift code right away.

  10. Its a scam. Fetch Rewards app runs in the background nonstop collecting all your personal information, passwords, private pictures. When you go to cash out they terminate your account to avoid big cash outs. Make up an invalid excuse. Then they continue to have their app running in background collecting data. They send you spam emails trying to keep their ties but refuse to allow you to sign in. Its a waste of time. Not worth what they are collecting. Be careful.

    1. Hi AHAL – Thanks for providing feedback — I recently cashed out points for an Amazon gift card, and had no issues. But I will delve further to see what I can find out about what you experienced. Their Privacy Policy clearly states what data they collect, and for what reasons. From my experience, Fetch Rewards is a valid way to make extra money on the side. But I appreciate your comment, and will see what else I can find out. Thanks!

  11. Thanks for your very clear and complete review of Fetch Rewards. Based on your review I’m going to join FR and am looking forward to earning free gift cards.

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