How I Earned Over $1,000 with Cash Back and Price Drop Services like Earny, Ebates, Paribus and Sift

Updated 5/20/18 — Current Cash Back Total:  $1,004.05

This page will tell you all about how you can make some extra cash back JUST by shopping with the use of Rebate or Price Drop services like Earny, Ebates, Paribus and Sift.

They’re also known as price tracking websites or apps, because they keep track of your purchases to make sure you’ve gotten the VERY BEST deal available.

If a price drop is detected, these guys get right on it so you can be refunded the difference.

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This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive compensation if you sign up or make a purchase using my referral link.

How to Use Rebate Services like Earny, Ebates, Paribus and Sift

So what does a Cash Back or Price Drop Service do?

Two things —

It can create an electronic trail, linking a purchase that you make to a retailer who gives you cash back just for using their site.

Or it can scan purchases you make through either your email address or credit card. If it identifies a price drop on a =n item you bought, it will submit a claim to get you a refund.

Below are reviews of 4 difference cash back and price drop services that I’m currently using. These are from my personal experiences

**Please note, these opinions are entirely my own, with no influence by or for anyone else**

In other words, feel free to check these out for yourself, do your own research, in order to make an informed decision that’s right for you. 


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How It Works:

When you sign up with an Ebates account, you gain access to their listing of online retailers, as well as current sales and coupon codes. 

For example,, where you can earn Cash Back for select departments.

Yes, you can earn CASH BACK for shopping on Amazon!! 


Here’s how:

When you decide what retailer you’d like to make a purchase from, click on the Ebates “shop now” button from that retailer’s profile.

A page will pop up, saying that a shopping trip number has been generated.

This means any purchase you make at the retailer is linked back to your Ebates account. And you make money back from a qualifying purchase.

Important points to consider:

– Ebates pays out on a quarterly schedule, so you will not receive the cashback immediately. It will accumulate until the next payout date, and then be paid out as a lump sum. You will need to earn a minimum of $5.00 to receive a payout, or else it will be rolled over into the next payout period.

– You can receive payout via PayPal (quickest/easiest), or have Ebates mail a paper check to you.

– As it gets closer to the payout date, Ebates will sometimes send out a promotional email offering payment in the form of a store gift card (instead of cash), at an increased percentage rate. So they’re willing to offer you more money if you take the gift card instead. If you actually plan on using one of these store gift cards, this could be a really good deal for you. But there have been times that I’ve rejected this offer from Ebates simply because I knew I’d never shop at the stores offered, and would benefit more from receiving the straight cash from Ebates.


*** SPECIAL OFFER:  When you sign up as a New User on Ebates, you’ll also get a FREE $10 Welcome Bonus, just for joining!! ***


Overall, Ebates is the real deal, and I’ve been a big fan for several years.

In conclusion, just make sure you are not spending money just to make money… In other words, it doesn’t make sense to purchase something you wouldn’t normally buy, just to get the cash back from Ebates.


My personal savings through Ebates:  

Ebates (total) cashback:  $744.99

Affiliate Link:

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back Refund App Money Savings


Paribus is a service that scans your online purchases to determine if you might be owed a refund.

How It Works:

By linking your email address, Paribus begins tracking online purchases through your email inbox. So when you sign up with Paribus, make sure it’s with the same email that you also use to make online purchases.

Paribus then monitors the specific items you purchased on the store website to see if the price drops. (Monitoring timeframe varies by retailer. See the Paribus website for more details.)

If the item you bought goes on sale, Paribus will notify you quickly, and in many cases, file a claim with the online store on your behalf.

Did you catch that? Paribus does all of the hard work, which means all you have to do is sit back & wait for the refund to be issued!

How awesome is that? Cha-ching * Extra cash magically appearing in your pocket *.

Note: In certain cases, depending on the terms of the retailer, you may have to get involved by making a quick phone call or filling out an online form. (The stores need to be sure you are who you say you are.)

But that’s not a big deal, when you know there’s money coming back to you, right?



Important points to consider:

– You can only link one email address to Paribus. So if you have several emails, make sure you link the one that you use when making online purchases.

– Only certain online retailers offer price protection — For the full & current listing of stores monitored by Paribus, see their website.

But as of this posting, there are definitely some big name stores available, like Macy’s, Kohl’s, Nordstrom, Sears, L.L.Bean, Wayfair, Home Depot and Target. 

– Amazon does not offer price protection, therefore you cannot receive refunds for price drops through the Paribus program.

– However, Paribus recently added a new feature to make up for the absence of Amazon price drops. Paribus will now monitor Amazon purchases where a guaranteed delivery date has been provided. If the item is not delivered (or attempted to be delivered) by the set date, Paribus will file a claim to refund your shipping fees. If you are an Amazon Prime member, this would typically mean an extension to your Prime membership.

– Paribus also no longer takes a cut of the refund they initiate for you. Previously, Paribus would keep a small percentage. That is no longer the case. Paribus is now 100% free — it all comes back to you.

Update January 2018

I just recently experienced a situation where I benefited from Paribus’ delivery monitoring service. I had ordered a 6-pack of my two bulldogs’ favorite yogurt drop treats using Amazon Prime with free shipping. The treats were received after the guaranteed Prime delivery date (which I actually did not even notice…but maybe my dogs did, LOL). 

A few days later, Paribus contacted me letting me know they had reached out to Amazon so I could be compensated for the late delivery. Later that same day, an Amazon customer care representative emailed me apologizing for the delay, and asked if I’d like either a $5 Amazon credit, or a one-month extension to my annual Prime membership.

Doing the math, since an annual membership costs $99, one month would equate to $8.25. So I opted to get more bang for my buck, and took the membership extension. Even though I wouldn’t see an immediate benefit, I figured it would be worth it when the annual renewal came around, and I’d have squeezed an extra month out of it.  

This happened again in February — when this item was delivered later than expected.

Yay Paribus!! 🙂


I’d say there’s nothing to lose by using Paribus . It’s a reputable company, started by a couple of young guys who wanted to make a difference for consumers.

Originally, I was wary about allowing Paribus access to my personal inbox. The Paribus website provides clear direction on how Personally Identifiable Information is handled, and the security measures Paribus has in place to protect consumers. I get that this is a personal decision, so please don’t take my word for it. Be sure to review the terms on the website in order to make an informed decision for yourself.

That being said, I’m glad I signed up — because right off the bat, Paribus found a $10 refund for a small television I had just purchased.

I never would’ve noticed the price drop. And if I had, I most likely never would have contacted the online retailer myself.

Found money = score


My personal savings through Paribus:

Lifetime cashback:  $95.50 + a 3-month extension on my annual Amazon Prime membership (value = $24.75)

Affiliate Link:

This is an affiliate link, which means I may receive a commission and/or credit if you sign up through this link. This means Paribus compensates me when you sign up for Paribus using the links provided below and on this site. 


Paribus now files claims with Amazon and Walmart when your delivery arrives late!



Earny is an app that is similar to Paribus, with some minor differences. Earny scans your online purchases to determine if you might be owed a refund. And guess what — Earny works with Amazon!


How It Works:

Much like Paribus, Earny requires access to your email account to scan purchase made online. Earny also monitors the retailers (like Amazon) where your items were purchased, to see if there is a price drop. If a price drop is detected, Earny contacts the store on your behalf, and files a claim for the difference.

One area where the two services differ between Paribus vs Earny is that Earny does keep 25% of your refund as payment. Paribus previously had the same condition; however, they now allow you to keep your entire refund. My belief is that Paribus has been around a lot longer than Earny has, and that’s why they could nix their fee.

But in Earny’s defense, I can say that they do offer to bypass the charge, if you share the good news of your earnings with friends. A lot of the times they’ll offer to skip the fee if you share your earnings on social media, or leave an honest review in the app store.

Another feature of Earny is its credit card price protection, which applies to Chase and Citibank credit cards. Recently, the following cards were also added: MasterCard and Visa from Capital One, US Bank, Barclays, Bank of America and First Premier Bank and Discover).



Check out this article courtesy of Bank Innovation on recent updates for Earny:


If you enter your credit card numbers into the Earny app, and make a purchase with the card, Earny will track those purchases as well.

For example, Earny will monitor Chase credit card purchases for 60 days, and Citibank credit card purchases for 90 days (per the existing price protection policies for each card.)

The benefit in letting Earny do this is the convenience of letting him do all the work for you.

The price protection feature is already available to you as a cardholder. Have you heard of Citi Price Rewind? It’s a feature already available through your Citibank card.

However you need to manually track all of your purchases, contact customer service & then submit the claims on your own.

This could result in multiple phone calls and the completion of paperwork.

and do we really have time for that??


Important points to consider:How to Use Rebate Services like Earny, Ebates, Paribus and Sift

– Both Earny and Paribus maintain a list of retailers where their refund process is available. Although many of the stores are the same, there are some differences. This may affect which service you would be more likely to benefit from using.

– Earny and Paribus each allow one email address to be linked.
(Workaround = Create multiple accounts)

– It’s important to remember that Earny keeps 25% of the profits, whereas Paribus does not. But Earny usually allows you to skip the fee, if you are willing to share your experiences with others.

– Also, Earny does offer credit card price protection.

– Additionally, Earny tracks Amazon purchases and will file a claim IF the purchase was made with a qualifying credit card (NOT an Amazon credit account.)

– And Paribus now offers the delivery monitoring service for Amazon and Walmart.


Earny can be a very advantageous program, if you make sure to register and use the credit cards that are covered.

I am an avid Amazon shopper, and previously made constant use of my Amazon credit account for the 5% cashback feature (which would automatically bump me out of contention for using Earny.)

However, I did recently decide to test the waters with Earny, and switched my Amazon payment method from Amazon credit to my Citibank card. And I entered the details of my Citi card on Earny, so that I could pair it with my Amazon purchases.

And here’s what happened….

In October of this year, I made several normal, everyday purchases on Amazon.

Black Friday rolled around in November, and a lot of Amazon sellers dropped their prices to celebrate.

Earny had been tracking all of my October Amazon purchases, and put in a claim when the prices on these items dropped in November!

And all of the sudden, I had an extra 60 bucks practically put back into my pocket!

*happy dance*

So you tell me — is it worth it to download this little app, and let Earny keep his eyes on your Amazon purchases? 

I’m gonna go with a resounding “Yes!!”

Keep doing what you’re doing, little buddy — I know you’ve got my back! 🙂



My personal savings through Earny:  $107.33


Affiliate Link:

Click Here to Connect to Earny



The Sift app tracks online purchases to identify potential refund opportunities due to price drops. Sift also does much more — unlocking the hidden potential of your credit card that you probably never knew existed.


How It Works:

When it comes to comparing Paribus vs Sift vs Earny, you will find that all three require access to your online purchases by way of your email inbox.

Your digital receipts are monitored for price drops. And like Paribus and Earny, Sift automatically files a claim on your behalf.

(Note: Depending on how you have your account set up, you may need to add one teensy little step before the claim is filed. Like hit an Okay button, or log into your credit card account.)

In addition to price protection, Sift also provides the following:

  • Status of manufacturer and extended warranties
  • Return policies for all of your purchases
  • Theft and Damage coverage availability
  • Travel protection availability, including trip cancellation, lost luggage, travel assistance and rental insurance

Unlike Paribus and Earny, Sift also has a section that displays a neat little summary of each of your credit cards, so you can see an overview and basic benefits in a single location.

So that is a definite difference that makes Sift stand out, when comparing Paribus vs Sift vs. Earny.

Important points to consider:

– With Sift, there is a small service fee associated with the price protection feature. The Sift website states: “At the moment we don’t charge anything to use the service but we will take a small bounty for future refunds that we process for the user.”

– Sift monitors for automatic price protection for many popular retailers, such as Kohl’s, Macy’s, Best Buy, Nordstrom and Walmart. A partial list is on their blog. However, I could not find a comprehensive listing on the Sift website.

– What sets Sift apart from Paribus and Earny is the availability of all of your credit card features at your fingertips. While other refund services like Ebates, Paribus and Earny focus on your individual purchases, Sift also streamlines the overall benefits of each credit card. This means you can not only take advantage of savings after the fact, but you can also be proactive by planning which card to use for your future purchases.


While I have only been using Sift for a short time, I do see the potential that this program can offer consumers. It’s a smart and concise little purchase tracker, as well as a little black book of credit card benefits.


My personal savings through Sift:  $31.48 



Click Here to Connect to Sift


Turning it over to you —

Have you used either Earny, Ebates, Paribus or Sift? Were you able to cash in on any purchases?

Which one(s) do you like the best? Are there any other refund programs that I’ve missed?

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