About Me

Diana Hall

I am a lifelong reader, writer, self-educator and eternal optimist.

The first 20 years of my life were spent being a people pleaser.

The second 20 were spent trying to determine what kind of life would please me.

For these next twenty years, I’d love to share my knowledge and musings with whoever may be willing to listen.

So what’s in a name?

My home page gets into detail on Side Jams, and what that means. Making extra income, side hustles, side gigs, what have you —

And then of course there’s the Side Jams logo and photos of actual jars of jam — so a play on words.

But how about this author’s name? What’s up with Diana Hall?

Okay, so if you read this, then you know Diana Hall is not my actual name. There are a few reasons behind this. And maybe I’ll “come clean” in the future, or maybe I won’t.

But starting out, this seemed the right way to go. Because when you’re talking about money, especially debt, there’s a stigma that goes along with it.


What I Can Offer You

Honesty – I will not sugar coat anything, I will tell you like it is.  If I’m endorsing a product, it’s because I’ve used it (and found it useful). If I’m reviewing a website, it’s because I have experience with it. If I’m recommending it, that’s because I’ve found a benefit.

Learnings – Whatever I discover, I will pass along to you. Good, bad or indifferent — what’s the point in having a website, if you’re not going to share valuable information with your readers?

Collaboration – Do you have questions on anything that I’ve reviewed or written? Is there anything I could possibly help you figure out? I’m always willing to help a peer — poking at different ways to handle situations or testing different strategies.

Community – Blogging is an isolated profession, and collaboration with other bloggers is key. It’s a great way to network and make friendships.