Debt Payoff Update: Be Careful What You Wish For

You Cannot Wish Debt Away It's funny, when you spend so much time wishing for something to happen. Wanting it ...
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Staying Focused to Pay Off Debt

Current Progress to Pay Off Debt I've started and stopped writing this post so many times, it's unreal. Every time ...
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How You Been Criticized for Managing Your Money?

Here's an article that was recently published on, that I had the opportunity to contribute to. Read below for ...
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Using the Debt Snowball Method to Turn Your Financial Life Around

The Power Within This next post was written by my colleague Mr. SR, who blogs at He shares his ...
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Should You Purchase a Home When You Have Debt?

Here's a topic that's prevalent with so many educated professionals today. Managing student loan debt, while trying to move forward ...
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Why, Oh Why, Can’t I Be FI?

In Pursuit of Financial Independence I attended a meetup last weekend for the local ChooseFI group I belong to. It ...
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Debt Consolidation - Is It Right for You?

Things To Know About Debt Consolidation

Thinking of Consolidating Your Debt?  Here's a thoughtful and informative piece to help you decide if debt consolidation might be ...
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farm couple

For Love and Money – Talking Finances with Your Partner

For Richer, For Poorer Ah, love. Exciting and new. So many possibilities. So much chemistry. The whirlwind romance, plans for ...
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How to Stay Focused to Pay Off Debt

Staying Motivated to Pay Off Debt This update won't be nearly as interesting, controversial or fun as my last debt ...
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Gaining Some Momentum – 6 Month Debt Update

Debt Update - 6 Months into Repayment Well hello there -- Fancy meeting you here, on my Debt Update page ...
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