An Imaginary Letter From My Future Self

An Imaginary Letter From My Future Self - butterflies
Moving Forward (Yes, It Will Get Better…)

Full Disclosure:  I wrote this post several months ago, however was too afraid to hit the “publish” button. I’m now at a point where I’m at peace with my past as well as my future. But I’m also still healing, so felt it would be a step in the right direction to go ahead and put this out there. Maybe I’ll wind up taking it back down, or hiding it deep within my site somewhere. We’ll see what the future holds …


An Imaginary Letter From My Future Self

You read a lot of articles where experts are asked to write letters to their younger selves. Like, if they could go back 10 or 15 years, what advice or wisdom they’d offer.

Whether they would’ve gone to that private college, or saved money by going local. If that first new car was actually worth it, or if they could’ve survived and thrived with a used one. And, for God’s sake, to make sure they started planning for retirement right out of the gate!

And I guess that’s what this article is about. Except from a point in time that hasn’t yet occurred. I don’t yet have that wisdom. I haven’t learned the lessons to pass on to my former self.

But —

If it were at all possible to fast forward to the future — If it already happened to be a few months or years from now — There are a few things I’d like to hear from my future self right now.

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Who Doesn’t Love Adorable Bulldog Pics?

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Adorable Bulldogs!!

Anyone who knows me at all knows how much I LOVE bulldogs…

Adorable Pic of Bulldog Gus Looking Up
Bulldog Gus posing on our new throw rug

In fact, when I first decided to start a blog, my other half kind of balked at my proposed topic of saving money. He totally wondered where that concept was coming from, since I was previously such a fan of spending money.

Especially while shopping online.

Deal: 3-piece rug set

He was confused as to why I wasn’t writing a blog entirely about bulldogs. English bulldogs are my main passion, and he totally knows this.

Together, we’ve owned and raised 3 bulldogs over almost 20 years. And during that time, we’ve learned an endless amount of information about this unique, loyal, demanding and complicated breed.

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