Should You Include Side Hustles on Your Resume?

Including Side Hustles on Your Resume
Side Hustles on Your Resume

Should You Include Side Hustles on Your Resume?

It seems like everyone has side hustles these days. Whether it’s to make extra money, pursue an interest or passion, or to learn a new skill, it’s work that we choose to do on the “side” of our day jobs. Yet few people think to include their side hustle on their resume.

Working on your own doesn’t make it any less relevant than your other work experience because side hustles are work! Sometimes a lot of work. And time and energy.

Like any traditional job, they teach you valuable, transferable skills that employers are looking for – skills like time management, multi-tasking, and showing initiative. They also help to further develop your talents by putting them to use in tangible ways.

Not including these skills, talents, and experiences on your resume could be a mistake that could cost you that new job you’re hoping to get.

What is the Purpose of a Resume?

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What To Invest In (Besides the Stock Market)

What To Invest In Besides the Stock Market
What To Invest In


How To Know What To Invest In

As you start to save and increase your income, one of the most important steps you can take is investing your money. Many people struggle to know what to invest in. Granted, the choices are vast and can be quite confusing.

However, if you want to ensure a healthy financial future, make sure your family’s finances are secure and live comfortably well into your golden years — investing is an absolute must.

And although there is always some risk with any investing you potentially do, you are risking way more by just letting your money sit idly by.

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How to Survive Working for a Horrible Boss

How to Survive Working for a Horrible Boss
How to Survive Working for a Horrible Boss


The following post originally appeared on My Life, I Guess and has been republished with permission.

How Do You Handle Working for a Horrible Boss?

A horrible boss. At some point in our lives, we will probably all have at least one.

In my seemingly never-ending struggle to find a good, permanent, full-time role, horrible bosses have been a big factor.

After having a boss that was physically abusive towards 2 of my colleagues, and extremely verbally and emotionally abusive to us all, I thought that there was no possible way I could ever have a boss more horrible than that.

But last year, I was proven wrong.

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The Best Way to Do Bargain Shopping While Traveling Abroad

Bargain Shopping While Traveling Abroad
Bargain Shopping While Traveling Abroad

Bargain Shopping While Traveling Abroad

Who doesn’t love a good souvenir? And who hates spending an arm and a leg on purchasing said souvenir?

Bargain shopping while abroad can be one of the most enjoyable and satisfying things you do during your travels. Why? Because although you are abroad, you still want to feel like you’re getting an absolute bargain for where you physically are.

Plus, who doesn’t love a challenge?

I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve gone shopping in India and come home with what I think is a great deal (i.e. I spend 11 dollars on a hand-carved stone elephant) and my aunts and cousins are immediately like “you overpaid!”

The issue with being a foreigner is you’re a target for scams and cheats. While at the end of the day it may not amount to a lot of money for you in your own currency, you don’t want to continue traveling with unfair deals. This is especially true on long trips as your money will run out super fast. Plus, the whole point of shopping abroad is to get authentic items, locally made and sourced, that the locals themselves buy. In this case, you should also pay the same as the locals and get the same deals.

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