Best Tips to Succeed with a Work from Home Job

Best Tips to Succeed with a Work from Home Job - Young man sitting at laptop with coffee
Who Wouldn’t Want to Work from Home?

Want to Work from Home? Here’s What You Need to Know

The thought of working from home is a dream for many. Just imagine — working at home in your pajamas, not having to deal with rush hour, or nosy coworkers, or office politics.

Not to mention all of the money you would save on business attire, drycleaning, vehicle maintenance & gas, expensive lunch outings, and those pesky afternoon lattes.

Nowadays, many companies are coming on board with the reality of remote workers. After all, there’s a lot that’s in it for them as well. Namely, employee health and satisfaction, decreased real estate needs, workers putting in longer hours, and overall flexibility in business coverage.

It’s a win-win for all involved.

So once you land your dream job of working from home, how do you make the very best of that opportunity? What’s your strategy for remaining engaged and motivated, to justify working your 9-to-5 from the comfort of your own home? And how do you make sure you’re being just as productive as you would be if you were physically in office?

These are all important questions that have been tackled by my friend Chris, who has been a remote employee for many years. Chris writes about personal finance, debt, money mindset, and life on his blog, Money Stir.

And as a remote worker myself, I can testify to the importance of all he has listed below. Because you can most definitely become a top performer, even when working from home. But you need to shift your approach a bit, to ensure you’re maintaining visibility as well as exceeding expectations for your customers, peers, and managers.

And with that said, I turn the stage over to Chris!

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Using the Debt Snowball Method to Turn Your Financial Life Around

Using the Debt Snowball Method


The Power Within

This next post was written by my colleague Mr. SR, who blogs at He shares his financial knowledge and experience on debt payoff strategies, and how each one can work for you.

What I found particularly interesting about this article were the emotional and psychological effects of both having debt, and paying it off. Because while the base concept is purely mathematical, the accompanying factors have such a personal and emotional impact.

Which I guess is why so many people say “personal finance is personal”. But if you’re not familiar with the “debt snowball” or its alternatives, read more below. There are some fascinating nuggets of information that tie back to science, which you won’t want to miss!

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Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Success? Interviewing Successful People

Interviews with Wildly Successful People -- Creating Your Own Success
Successful People — Do You Have What It Takes?


The Secret to Your Success

Fame … Fortune … Notoriety … Living like Royalty — Who doesn’t dream of that kind of life? 

If I had the chance to be rich and famous, I might enjoy the heck out of it. For a little while, anyway.

So is there a magic formula to become a success? Can you follow certain steps in order to be just like the other super successful people in the world?

Continue reading below to hear what my friend Michael has to say on the subject. Because he’s had the opportunity to interview some really successful individuals, and is sharing everything he’s learned from them.

This article first appeared on The Money Mix, and is being republished with permission.

When You Think of Success What Comes to Mind?

You probably think of a great business leader like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or Elon Musk. Right?

Some of you may think of an A-list celebrity like Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift. There is no doubt they are all successful people.

However, people define success in countless ways. From the amount of money in their bank account to the number of followers they have on Instagram, everyone strives to achieve their own version of success.

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