Need to Get Your Life Together? Here’s How to Do It

Need to Get Your Life Together?
Need to Get Your Life Together?

How to Get Your Life Together (Financially)

In adulting 101, we learn that success in life is as simple as following a few memes.

As if the only thing standing between you and conquering the world is believing in yourself and the application of a Dale Carnegie quote.

With no disrespect to Buzzfeed and their 27 simple ways to get your life together, memes are not going to pay the bills. While I’m at it, the real world doesn’t care how special your parents think you are, or that you have a fancy business school degree.

If the economy heads into a recession or the market takes a nosedive, you may go from being a valued “family member” at work to an expendable line item.

Sometime after adulting 101, we learn that life’s hard, so you better work on your options. Now, before you think this is some tough-love approach, let me preface that I don’t care if you made mistakes in the past. We have all made mistakes, lots and lots of them.

However, New Years’ resolution time is just around the corner, and every year millions of Americans pledge to save more or get out of debt. Unfortunately, most fall short of their resolutions, so here is the ultimate guide to financially getting your sh*t together. (Finally.)


How to Get Your Life Together (Financially)

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Side Hustles to Make Money Online

Side Hustles to Make Money Online
Side Hustles to Make Money Online

Side Hustles to Make Money Online

This next post was written by my friend and colleague Andrew, who blogs at Wealthy Nickel. It’s all about finding the right side hustles for you to actually make money online.

Because — let’s face it — not all side hustles are created equal. Just like we are all individual human beings, with strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. A side hustle that I might detest could potentially be right up your alley, and vice versa.

That’s why finding the right side hustle idea for you is such a personal decision. Because you really want to find a side hustle that you can stick with for the long term, to actually make some money.

To find out more, read on and learn the details of 7 side hustles to make money online.

Not Your First Rodeo

If you’ve spent any time at all on the internet, I’m sure you’ve seen a hundred articles about how to make money online like:

  • 5,265 Easy Side Hustles to Make Money Online; or
  • 9 Creative Ways to Make $5,000 in 3 Days; or
  • How I Became a Blogging Millionaire Overnight in my Pajamas

Well, let me stop you right there.

This is not that article. I am not selling you a blogging course, or promising you will retire early by taking online surveys.

What you will get are some legitimate, solid ideas that you can use as a starting point to craft the perfect online side hustle strategy for you and your family – whether you’re looking for ways to make $500 a month or $5,000 if you’re willing to put the work in.

Making money online is a very personal topic for me, and one I spent a lot of time trying to figure out a few years ago.

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Debt in The United States

Debt in the United States
Debt in the United States

The Problem of Debt in the United States

Let’s face it, debt in the United States is a problem. From our national debt, student loan debt, and consumer debt. Debt in the United States is a problem on all levels. Why is that?

I’m a firm believer that it starts with the lack of education on the topic. Only 17 states require high school students to take a course in personal finance. But even those states that teach financial literacy, debt is still a problem.

Maybe it the YOLO or “living my best life mentality” that leads to our obsession with overspending. Perhaps it’s the instant gratification we seek and hit the “like” button on social media every day. Or the fact that we let 17 and 18-year-olds make their biggest financial decision (college) with little guidance. Or the impact taking on student loan debt could have on them for years to come.

Maybe it’s the lead by example trap that has gotten debt in the United States out of control. We are just merely following the herd. Heck, our government is 22 trillion in the red.

Whatever the reason is for it, we need to take back control of the debt in the United States. The sooner we can start, the better. Let’s dig in on some of the debt categories and why we’ve fallen off the debt wagon.

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The Complete Guide on Emergency Funds and Cash Reserves

Emergency Fund

Emergency Funds and Cash Reserves

One of the few personal finance concepts that garners near-universal praise is the emergency fund.

For many topics in personal finance, there are seemingly as many critics as there are advocates. “The stock market is too risky”. “You can’t retire early because you need health insurance”. “You shouldn’t travel because it’s wastefully expensive”.

I don’t agree with any of these perspectives. But you very often hear people offer them as feedback.

Thankfully, few people dismiss the concept of emergency funds since they should be an essential component of everyone’s personal finances.

What is an Emergency Fund?

An emergency fund, also called a “rainy day fund” or “cash reserves,” is money you have access to in case of an unplanned sudden need.

Typically, these funds are in the form of cash or cash equivalents. We’ll jump into account and investment options later.

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