How to Survive Working for a Horrible Boss

How to Survive Working for a Horrible Boss
How to Survive Working for a Horrible Boss


The following post originally appeared on My Life, I Guess and has been republished with permission.

How Do You Handle Working for a Horrible Boss?

A horrible boss. At some point in our lives, we will probably all have at least one.

In my seemingly never-ending struggle to find a good, permanent, full-time role, horrible bosses have been a big factor.

After having a boss that was physically abusive towards 2 of my colleagues, and extremely verbally and emotionally abusive to us all, I thought that there was no possible way I could ever have a boss more horrible than that.

But last year, I was proven wrong.

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The Best Way to Do Bargain Shopping While Traveling Abroad

Bargain Shopping While Traveling Abroad
Bargain Shopping While Traveling Abroad

Bargain Shopping While Traveling Abroad

Who doesn’t love a good souvenir? And who hates spending an arm and a leg on purchasing said souvenir?

Bargain shopping while abroad can be one of the most enjoyable and satisfying things you do during your travels. Why? Because although you are abroad, you still want to feel like you’re getting an absolute bargain for where you physically are.

Plus, who doesn’t love a challenge?

I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve gone shopping in India and come home with what I think is a great deal (i.e. I spend 11 dollars on a hand-carved stone elephant) and my aunts and cousins are immediately like “you overpaid!”

The issue with being a foreigner is you’re a target for scams and cheats. While at the end of the day it may not amount to a lot of money for you in your own currency, you don’t want to continue traveling with unfair deals. This is especially true on long trips as your money will run out super fast. Plus, the whole point of shopping abroad is to get authentic items, locally made and sourced, that the locals themselves buy. In this case, you should also pay the same as the locals and get the same deals.

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How to Make Money on YouTube – Following These 5 Simple Steps

 How to Make Money on YouTube
 How to Make Money on YouTube

Can You Really Make Money on YouTube?

Are you looking for a lucrative side hustle or full-time gig? Try this one out: Learn how to make money on YouTube.

Why YouTube?

Because it’s one of those online places, you go to find everything!

If you want a re-cap of a sports highlight from last night, or even ten years ago, you can find it. If you want to learn how to fix a household issue or sell items on eBay, you go to YouTube. Or, if you’re an avid fisherman and you want to learn a new technique, YouTube is your place.

YouTube Play ButtonYouTube is an infinite source of information. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.

It’s also a phenomenal vehicle of entertainment. If you have a niche interest (like ultimate Frisbee) or you want to watch a clip from your favorite childhood television show, YouTube has a seemingly limitless inventory of this type of content.

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What Are Your Best Choices for Online Brokers?

Best Choices for Online Brokers
Best Choices for Online Brokers

Your Best Choices for Online Brokers

When it comes to investing, choosing where to invest is often the first and most crucial choice you make. Choose correctly, and you’ll be in a great spot to pick from a wide variety of low-cost funds and make trades for free. Choose poorly, and your investment options will be limited, and your fees will be high.

Online brokers come in all shapes and sizes, but the three things I always look for in a good broker are:

  1. Low fees
  2. Wide variety of low-cost index funds and ETFs (for you non-stock traders out there)
  3. Ease of use

Below we’ll break down some of the best brokers out there and score them on the three criteria above. This way, you can make a smart personal finance decision and choose the best online broker for you.

First, here’s a quick primer on what makes an online broker (you experts can skip ahead).

What is an Online Broker?

An online broker is essentially the same thing as a traditional broker, except, you guessed it, you utilize them via the internet.

Traditional stockbrokers give you a platform to execute trades and make investment decisions. That is, you pick which investment vehicles you want to invest in, and then work through a broker to make the purchase (or, eventually, the sale).

In the simplest terms possible, an online broker is a middle man. They are the bridge between you and the stock market.

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