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I Have a Blogg-y Blog, and I'm Okay With That

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So You Want To Start a Blog …

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There is a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to do it … !

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Oh man, that was priceless —

You totally should’ve seen your face!
(sorry, blogger inside joke)

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The Resolution Solution – Making it Personal – My Top 5

Top Resolutions - My Resolution Solution

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The Resolution Solution

I know there are tons of blog posts out there talking about resolutions for the new year.

And there are probably just as many posts out there explaining how resolutions are pointless.

How they very rarely come to fruition, and most people will abandon their resolutions in approximately 17 days.

So I’m not going to write about my New Year’s resolutions.

Instead, I will do something different.

I’m going to give you my top 5 Rose-solutions.

Confused yet?

Okay, so those who know me – and maybe even met me at FinCon – will know my last name is Rose.

Which would make for a totally cool blog name, by the way — I realize that. Unfortunately, someone already has that domain. Someone who is a keynote speaker and motivational coach. And it doesn’t appear she will be giving it up any time soon. Her site seems to be pretty successful.

And yes, I did join her mailing list. So I’m always a bit startled when an email message appears in my inbox from “Robin Rose”.

But I digress.

We were talking about Rose-solutions. Which are based on my last name.

I guess I could’ve gone with Robin-solutions or Rob-solutions, but neither seems to have quite the same ring to it. So Rose-solutions it is.

And how is a Rose-solution different than a regular ole’ resolution?

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The Reason for Your Season

You Are Special - Christmas ornament - Reason for Your Season

This is NOT a post about the holidays.

You’ll see a lot of blog posts around this time of year, talking about the true meaning of Christmas, or whatever holiday you happen to be celebrating. While I do thoroughly enjoy those type of holiday-themed posts, this is not one of them.

This blog post is more about you. The reason for your season. Whatever phase of life you happen to be in.

Whether you’re just starting out, recently graduated, making a career change, or settling into your groove.

If you’ve built a solid resume of specific experiences, or have bounced around as a Jack or Jane of all trades.

Or if you’re embracing a new phase in life, ready for retirement — whatever that specifically means for you. That may mean you want to slow things down, or it could also mean you’d like to be more active, traveling the country, or even the world.

And it could mean nothing is really changing work-wise. Just that you will now spend time doing the type of work that actually makes you smile.

Whatever season of life you are in at the moment –

What motivates you? What makes you tick?

It’s finding out your “why” —


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