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How to Save Money on a Beach Vacation

It’s half-way through September — so clearly the *perfect* time for me to publish a post about taking a summer beach vacation —


How to save money on a beach vacation. Outer Banks, NC #OBX
Yes, this picture was actually taken from the deck of the beach house we rented  — Rodanthe, NC

By the Sea

I started writing this post mid-August while I was on vacation. Don’t worry, I also did plenty of relaxing. In fact, I felt like I’d been relaxing a bit too much, and not taking full advantage of potential blogging time.

Because once that two week vacation was over and I returned home to my day job, I knew there would be the usual time crunch. Blogging would be de-prioritized, and my focus would again gravitate to my regular 9-to-5.

(Hello, one month later…)

Although I do have hopes I can start motivating myself by making clear blogging goals, and being more productive on a daily basis.

But while I was in the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina, I thought maybe I could make a little bit of progress on my blog.

And now that I’m back in New England, and back into the swing of things — it’s time to get this puppy out there.

Because can you believe, it’s been a whole month since I’ve posted anything?

Crazy how time gets away from you —

But here we are, with the next topic at hand:  How to Save Money on Vacation (at the beach).

As everyone knows, money is a pretty big factor when one starts to consider going on vacation.

It can definitely dictate where you go, how long you stay, what you do there and what kind of meals you have.

So I figured this would be an appropriate way to tie in these two topics — vacation and money.

And being on this two week excursion with my family and friends, I can pretty much speak from our own personal experiences.


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Quick and Easy Homemade Pizza for the Frugal Family

Easy Homemade Pizza Recipe

Quick and Easy Homemade Pizza for the Frugal Family

Hey there, my fellow frugal friends!

We’re gonna try something new today — a fun and frugal recipe for active (and even picky!) families.

One thing I’ve realized in my (ahem) older age, is the constant fluctuation in grocery and meal needs for my household. Now that my two sons are in their early twenties, my partner and I find it’s often just the two of us home for dinner.

Our family life has always been super busy since the boys were actively involved in sports.

Depending on the time of year, they might be at basketball, football or baseball practice. Then once all of the games started up — good lord, they had us both going crazy driving back and forth.

Then trying to fit some nutrition in there was definitely a constant challenge.

But now that the boys (young men!) are starting to live their own lives, they’re not home for dinner as much as they used to be. They either grab a bite on the go, or they go out to eat with friends.

So where does that leave the rest of us? When I’m so used to creating huge meals to match the appetites of two growing teenage boys? Well, we have to be creative — and make sure we’re putting all of our refrigerator and pantry items to good use.

Especially when it comes to perishable items. In the past, we’d go through 2 gallons of whole milk per week. Nowadays, we’re lucky if we finish our 1/2 gallon of 1% milk.

With that in mind, I recently planned a quick weeknight meal using a few staples and some existing items from our pantry.

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9 *Better* Alternatives to Buying Gifts

Gift Giving for the Frugal Family

It’s the holiday season.

Are you done shopping for gifts? Have you even STARTED shopping yet??


Will you be shopping for gifts at all??

*Dun dun dunnnnn …….*
(dramatic sound effect)

Would I be a total Scrooge if I suggested you not buy any gifts at all this year?

Lately I’ve been contemplating the things I LOVE about Christmas, aaand the things I hate don’t like quite as much about Christmas.

Things to love:  

  • Memories from when I was a kid
  • The season’s first snowflakes making landfall
  • My two dogs playing in the snow
  • Christmas carols
  • The smell of a real Christmas tree
  • Driving through the neighborhood looking at all the festive holiday lights


Things I could do without:  

  • Pushy, inconsiderate people at the mall
  • Long lines at the grocery store
  • Crowded parking lots
  • Coworkers pushing deadlines onto you at the last minute so they can leave for Christmas vacation
  • Traffic jams
  • People who don’t sneeze into their sleeves
  • Post-Christmas credit card hangover


Now some of the things above cannot be avoided.

You can’t exactly tell your coworker to take their work assignment and shove it up their *ahem* chimney.

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