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Hate Taking Surveys? SurveySavvy Turns Your Trash into Cash

Make Money by Turning Clutter into Cash

Okay so let me start out by saying one of the EASIEST ways to make money online is by taking surveys.

There. I said it.

Will it be a lot of money? Will you get a quick payout? Will you make money on every survey that you try?

No, no and no.

The reality of it is — you could start a survey, get 5 minutes into it, and then get bumped out under some disqualification.

Nothing wrinkles my britches like time wasted.

I mean, I can procrastinate with the best of them, but that’s totally my doing.
On the other hand, if someone else is wasting my time, boy does that annoy the heck outta me.

So why bother with survey sites? I mean, really — do we have time for that?

Okay, so if you’re open to trying out some really good survey sites, then check out this article.

If not, then ignore that last sentence.

Because I’m with you. Side hustling is sometimes a struggle. I participate in a lot of online money-making forums, and the general consensus on taking online surveys is not good.

Lots of people submit posts looking for suggestions on how to work from home, or how to make money online from home. And they specifically say “no surveys!”

I feel that frustration. But let me tell you about one you might be overlooking.

And this is not some smarmy way of finagling you into taking online surveys.

You’re too smart for that.

This is a site that actually does have the word “survey” in the title. But it’s much more than that. Really.

Because I’ve been making money through this site. And it hasn’t been by taking surveys.

I make money each month by sending them my garbage.

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Quick and Easy Homemade Pizza for the Frugal Family

Easy Homemade Pizza Recipe

Quick and Easy Homemade Pizza for the Frugal Family

Hey there, my fellow frugal friends!

We’re gonna try something new today — a fun and frugal recipe for active (and even picky!) families.

One thing I’ve realized in my (ahem) older age, is the constant fluctuation in grocery and meal needs for my household. Now that my two sons are in their early twenties, my partner and I find it’s often just the two of us home for dinner.

Our family life has always been super busy since the boys were actively involved in sports.

Depending on the time of year, they might be at basketball, football or baseball practice. Then once all of the games started up — good lord, they had us both going crazy driving back and forth.

Then trying to fit some nutrition in there was definitely a constant challenge.

But now that the boys (young men!) are starting to live their own lives, they’re not home for dinner as much as they used to be. They either grab a bite on the go, or they go out to eat with friends.

So where does that leave the rest of us? When I’m so used to creating huge meals to match the appetites of two growing teenage boys? Well, we have to be creative — and make sure we’re putting all of our refrigerator and pantry items to good use.

Especially when it comes to perishable items. In the past, we’d go through 2 gallons of whole milk per week. Nowadays, we’re lucky if we finish our 1/2 gallon of 1% milk.

With that in mind, I recently planned a quick weeknight meal using a few staples and some existing items from our pantry.

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