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Can You Really Earn Passive Income with GoDaddy Domain Parking?

GoDaddy Domain Parking for passive income
GoDaddy Domain Parking for passive income


Trying Out a New Side Jam — GoDaddy Domain Parking

I have a confession to make.

In the last 6 months or so, I’ve become a domain junkie.

It started out pretty harmless. I’d think of a cute name, go online, and see if anyone already had that domain.

Or I’d check out the domain auctions and bargain bin sales, to see if I could get a great deal on something I might be able to use in the future.

And of course, you pretty much have to do a search on your own name. And then look up the names of your family and friends — and dogs, just in case. (Unfortunately, all of our names are already taken).

But anyway — that’s how it all started. Tooling around on the internet. Seeing what interesting or quirky domain names I could find. Picking up a few here and there, in case I wanted to start a new project down the road.

Forgetting the fact that I already had buyer’s remorse with my primary domain name.

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Best Anti Static Shampoo and Conditioner for Flyaway Hair

Best Anti Static Shampoo for Fly-Away Hair | When cold weather and low humidity meet toe-to-toe, you know there's a heap of trouble brewing. Mix that up with a head of hair that's already low on moisture, possibly dry or damaged, and that's a recipe for disaster

Best Anti Static Shampoo for Fly-Away Hair | When cold weather and low humidity meet toe-to-toe, you know there's a heap of trouble brewing. Mix that up with a head of hair that's already low on moisture, possibly dry or damaged, and that's a recipe for disaster

This sponsored post includes affiliate links. This means I may receive some sort of compensation (at no cost to you) if you make a purchase through these links. Opinions are entirely my own, based on product usage and 100% honest recommendations.


Product Review:  Maple Holistics Winter Blend – Best Anti Static Product – Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Picture this — It’s a cold, snowy Friday night. You’re on your way to meet family and friends at a restaurant for a birthday party. Your birthday party.

There will be group photos, there will be selfies, there will be Snap stories. You’re wearing your most complimentary yet comfy outfit, and your makeup looks classy without appearing too overdone.

You dash into the venue, shrugging off your heavy coat and pulling the wool cap from your head.

Then you turn to look in the mirror.

And see this:

Best Anti Static Shampoo for Fly-Away Hair


If this has happened to you during the winter months, then you are not alone. In fact, most people experience flyaway hair in colder weather.

But if this also happens to you in the spring, the fall, and sometimes in the summertime, then you know all about this problem.

A problem that I’ve always experienced too, since I have fine, flyaway static-prone hair.

What makes hair frizzy and staticy?


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Ultimate List of College Essentials – Graduation Gifts for Him

College Campus Checklist — Huge Guide with 37 College Essentials for Guys

Updated 5/3/19

High school graduation season — when young adults are full of promise and expectations, ready to begin their journey into adulthood.

Some may be college bound, some may be entering the workforce. Others may make the decision to serve our country.

But one thing’s for sure — their lives will inevitably be changing.

No longer a teenager in high school, they will be encountering new opportunities and facing new challenges.

Having raised two sons myself, I can definitely testify at times it was hard — for all of us.

But once they had that diploma in their hands, it was clearly worth it — the significance of what they’d accomplished — and where it might lead them in the future.

So what kind of gift can you get a graduate to help meet life’s next challenge?

Are there practical gifts that can provide a small boost, that step up to their next stage in life?

I don’t know about you, but I really believe finding a graduation gift for a boy is so much harder than for a girl.

Maybe because my sons are a little more reserved, and less likely to share details or expand on their personal thoughts. I swear, sometimes it’s like pulling teeth to get a full sentence from them!

But I’ve seen many posts out there with graduation gift ideas for college-bound girls, and not so much geared toward males. That’s why I really feel like it’s sooo much harder to find graduation gifts for guys.

I did a lot of searching 5 years ago when my son finished his high school journey and was preparing to go to college.

And then, over those next four years, I discovered what products and tools were the most beneficial to him, and would allow him to begin his own personal journey to independence.

In other words, by providing him with a head start, without hindering his ability to transition into adulthood.

For example, making him a starter kit of laundry essentials, vs. allowing him to bring dirty clothes home once a month for mom to do his laundry 🙂

So call it a college freshman survival kit, or just call it an away-from-home care package.

Here is a SUPER LONG list of college essentials for the guy in your life who is ready to move on to the next stage as an adult. And if you’re looking for some unique yet useful “graduation gifts for him”, look no further. HERE is the only list of items you’ll need. Whether he’s graduating high school, or already a college freshman — these essentials will give him everything he needs to feel at home.

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Fetch Rewards App – Real Review – Is It Worth Your Time?

Updated 7/2/20

Fetch Rewards App Review 

Note: This page includes affiliate links — which means I may receive some sort of compensation (at no cost to you) if you sign up or make a purchase through these links.

If you’ve tried some popular receipt scanning apps like Ibotta, Checkout 51 or Saving Star, then you might have heard of a newer one called the Fetch Rewards app.

Fetch Rewards App: Scan Receipt
Fetch Rewards App: Scan Receipts, Earn Points

Fetch Rewards is a receipt scanning app that turns your store receipts into rewards. According to its website, you use the Fetch Rewards app to scan grocery receipts from any grocery, convenience, or club store.


And actually, you can do way more than that. You can also scan receipts from drugstores, big box stores, dollar stores and liquor or package stores. 


The app reads the items from your receipt and “Fetches” points for you. And the points vary based on the product or brand that you purchase. Keep collecting points to redeem for awesome rewards. 

What kind of rewards? Well, all types of stuff –

Beauty products, electronics, clothing, music, housewares, restaurant gift cards and even Visa or MasterCard gift cards.

Want to check out Fetch Rewards? You can download the Fetch Rewards app from the App store for iOS devices, or from the Google Play store for an Android device.

Because who wouldn’t want to make some extra money on the side? Like, who couldn’t use a few extra bucks thrown their way, for doing practically nothing??

And hey, do you also shop online ever? (I know, who doesn’t…) 

Well, I’ve found this handy browser extension called Honey, that will automatically find you the best promo codes and coupon codes online, to save you the most money!

Automatically Apply Coupon Codes with HONEY


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