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Tips, tricks, reviews and recommendations on ways to earn some extra cash on the side. Ways to make money on the side, increase income and side hustle your way to more money. Easy ways to make extra money from home, multi-tasking, from your phone or laptop.

Real Work From Home Jobs (Updated For 2020!)

An Updated List of Legit Work From Home Jobs in 2020 The “gig economy”. Having an “entrepreneurial mindset”. Working a job that’s “location independent”. These are all phrases that have popped up over the past several years, in relation to working from home. If you work a traditional 9-to-5, do these terms sound almost fictional, or at least not possible for someone of your age or level of expertise? Well here is some interesting news — Work from home jobs are not only attainable, they are widely available AND perfectly legit. They no longer hold the stigma of “too good …

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Selling on eBay – Everything You Need to Know

A Blast From the Past A lot of exciting things happened back in 1995. Michael Jordan came out of retirement. TLC released their classic hit “Waterfalls”. “Forrest Gump” won the Oscar for Best Picture. The George Foreman grill was introduced. And things also happened on a more personal level — I got my first tattoo. It was a single red rose on my right ankle. Which may seem a bit too trendy, until you note the symbolism — since my last name is Rose. I started my first “real” job, working part-time and summers at The Disney-MGM Studios (now known as …

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Selling Your Used Cell Phone to Get Top Dollar

  Last week my phone up and died on me. It was pretty old — at least according to current standards. It was an iPhone 6 that I’d been using for the past 3 years. And I’d been noticing the battery was not staying charged anymore. Then one day — kaplooey — it just wouldn’t start up at all. Luckily, I’d been pretty diligent with keeping it backed up to the Cloud, so didn’t lose all of my files, photos or videos. And even luckier, we happened to have another phone laying around the house. My partner had an old 6 …

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Side Jam Interview #4 – Teaching Exercise Class

Make Money on the Side as an Exercise Class Instructor – Side Jam Interview #4 Welcome to the next Side Jam Interview! During our past few interviews, we’ve focused on ways to make money online, in the digital arena. And while there are endless possibilities for online side hustles, today I’d like to focus on another way to benefit from an existing skill set. I had the pleasure to meet with Cheryl, who works in the corporate world by day, but then also teaches exercise class in her spare time. When I had originally asked her to participate in the …

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