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Tips, tricks, reviews and recommendations on ways to earn some extra cash on the side. Ways to make money on the side, increase income and side hustle your way to more money. Easy ways to make extra money from home, multi-tasking, from your phone or laptop.

Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online from Home

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Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online

How You Can Make Money from Home

You’re looking to make a few extra bucks, and ideally want to do it from home. Because sometimes life gets a little too busy … a little too complicated … and your checkbook gets a little too strapped.

But here’s the kicker —

There’s sooo much junk on the internet, and you don’t want to get roped into some crazy MLM or shady “make money from home” scheme, that it’s hard to know who you can trust.

Well, if you’re looking for some legitimate gigs, then I’m glad you stopped by this site.

Because the intent of this page is to provide links to Resources I have used to make extra cash on the side from home, and Reviews from my personal experiences with making money online.

No gimmicks, no trash talk, no “get rich quick & easy” ploys. These are real reviews, on legitimate side hustles that I’ve tried. Are they worth your time? Read more to decide for yourself —

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Can You Really Earn Passive Income with GoDaddy Domain Parking?

GoDaddy Domain Parking for passive income
GoDaddy Domain Parking for passive income


Trying Out a New Side Jam — GoDaddy Domain Parking

I have a confession to make.

In the last 6 months or so, I’ve become a domain junkie.

It started out pretty harmless. I’d think of a cute name, go online, and see if anyone already had that domain.

Or I’d check out the domain auctions and bargain bin sales, to see if I could get a great deal on something I might be able to use in the future.

And of course, you pretty much have to do a search on your own name. And then look up the names of your family and friends — and dogs, just in case. (Unfortunately, all of our names are already taken).

But anyway — that’s how it all started. Tooling around on the internet. Seeing what interesting or quirky domain names I could find. Picking up a few here and there, in case I wanted to start a new project down the road.

Forgetting the fact that I already had buyer’s remorse with my primary domain name.

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7 Tips to Find Freelance Writing Jobs


I’m so pleased to share this next guest post — It was written by my friend Marc, who blogs at Marc outlines the many ways you can make money as a freelance writer. Freelancing is a great way to earn extra income — especially if you enjoy writing.

Read on below for some helpful tips on how to get started as a freelancer, and how to find freelance writing jobs.


7 Tips to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

While there are plenty of different services that you can offer as a freelancer to make extra money from home, becoming a freelance writer is one of the best opportunities. 

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Real Work From Home Jobs (Updated For 2020!)

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Finding the Best Work From Home Jobs

An Updated List of Legit Work From Home Jobs in 2020

The “gig economy”. Having an “entrepreneurial mindset”. Working a job that’s “location independent”. These are all phrases that have popped up over the past several years, in relation to working from home.

If you work a traditional 9-to-5, do these terms sound almost fictional, or at least not possible for someone of your age or level of expertise?

Well here is some interesting news —

Work from home jobs are not only attainable, they are widely available AND perfectly legit. They no longer hold the stigma of “too good to be true” or “an envelope-stuffing scam”.

Because companies are evolving. They now realize flexibility keeps their employees happy (and healthy!) And a happy employee will do the job the right way, plus stick around longer.

Don’t believe me?

Keep on reading … because the following post includes the research, reviews, and one-on-one interviews to prove it.

Work from home jobs are the wave of the future. And I, for one, am TOTALLY on board. I’ve been a full-time remote employee for the past five years, and couldn’t be happier.

But don’t just take my word for it. Read on, for all of the juicy details and data.

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