The Side Jam interview series is for all entrepreneurs who have a passion for side gigs. It highlights innovative ways to make extra money on the side, and the creative individuals who have the guts to say “Why the heck not?”

Side Jam Interview #1 – Homegrown Plant & Worm Farm

Side Jam Interview Series #1 - Selling Plants and Worms. Learn about unique and creative ways to make extra money on the side.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Side Jam Interview #1

Hello and welcome to the very first installment of the Side Jam Interview Series!

The purpose of the Side Jam Interview Series is to highlight unique, interesting, and creative ways to make extra money on the side.

I interview people about side hustles they’ve tried, and find out the real scoop:

  • Is it legit or a scam?
  • Were you able to make money?
  • How much effort was involved?
  • Did it require any prior skills?
  • Was it ultimately worth the time put into it?


Do you have a Side Jam you’d like to share?

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And now down to the good stuff — Here are all of the details on my first Side Jam Interview:

The Homegrown Plant & Worm Farm

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Trying New Things: T-Shirts, Teamwork, and Tenacity

Together We Create! - Trying New Things: T-Shirts, Teamwork, and Tenacity

Photo by “My Life Through A Lens” on Unsplash

T-Shirts, Teamwork, and Trying New Things

Hello again, and welcome to the next installment of My Prioritized Life!

When we last met, I was outlining my Top 5 “Rose”-solutions for the New Year.

And Numero Uno was getting my business and priorities in order. So guess what? It’s exactly one week later, and I now have a follow-up for you.

So far so good, right?

Today, what I have for you is a somewhat comprehensive outline of two activities I’m currently pursuing. I know, that sounds a bit like an oxymoron, doesn’t it?

I say “comprehensive” because there is quite a bit of detail. But then I also say “outline” because there is so much more that can be added, for those who are interested.

So here is the gist of what we will be going over:

  1. My new Side-Jam-in-progress of selling t-shirts on “Merch by Amazon”, and
  2. My introduction of a new “Side Jam Interview Series” on this website

Exciting, right???

Since I’m pretty early in both of these processes, I just want to delve a little bit into how these ideas came to be, and what made me want to pursue them.

But I plan to write more juicy posts going forward, to include a lot more detail.

So without further ado, here is what I’ve been working on lately —

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