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Using the Debt Snowball Method to Turn Your Financial Life Around

  The Power Within This next post was written by my colleague Mr. SR, who blogs at He shares his financial knowledge and experience on debt payoff strategies, and how each one can work for you. What I found particularly interesting about this article were the emotional and psychological effects of both having debt, and paying it off. Because while the base concept is purely mathematical, the accompanying factors have such a personal and emotional impact. Which I guess is why so many people say “personal finance is personal”. But if you’re not familiar with the “debt snowball” or …

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Should You Purchase a Home When You Have Debt?

  Here’s a topic that’s prevalent with so many educated professionals today. Managing student loan debt, while trying to move forward in your life. You spend many years honing your skills to begin a highly coveted career in your field of choice. You finally earn the degrees and certifications to get started on your path. And the next step on that path is establishing a place you can call home. But with all of that student loan debt you are now accountable for, can you afford to buy a house? Should you take on a mortgage, when you already have …

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Why, Oh Why, Can’t I Be FI?

In Pursuit of Financial Independence I attended a meetup last weekend for the local ChooseFI group I belong to. It was actually more of a presentation. The group tries to do several throughout the year, balancing out educational with social. Yesterday’s presentation was about the recent tax changes. Since I’m in the midst of doing taxes for all of my family members, I figured it would be worth it to attend and see if I could glean a few pointers from the discussion. Also, I’m trying to make myself attend more of these events, to try to be more social. …

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Things To Know About Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation - Is It Right for You?

Thinking of Consolidating Your Debt?  Here’s a thoughtful and informative piece to help you decide if debt consolidation might be right for you. My friend Ryan from Arrest Your Debt is sharing some useful details in order for you to make an informed decision. If you’re thinking of pursuing debt consolidation, be sure to weigh all of the pros and cons of that decision. Read on, for more details — If you have many different debts with different interest rates, payoff schedules, and balances, it may sound like a good idea to sign up for debt consolidation. Debt consolidation can …

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