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5 Reasons Why I Shouldn’t Be Your Financial Role Model

5 Reasons Why I’m Not [really] a Personal Finance Blogger …

… And should NOT be your financial role model


Top 5 Reasons Why I'm Not a Personal Finance Blogger. Are there requirements to being considered a personal finance blogger? Do you need to actually be successful with money in order to write about it?

Full disclosure.

This whole beginner blogging thing has been a struggle.

You start out all wide-eyed and pumped-up, like — “Oh, I have so much to say, just try and stop me! I’m going to slay the blogging world with all of my intense thoughts and fresh perspectives on things.”

You pick a topic to write about — and you’re all gung-ho, ready to make a difference.

But then something happens, maybe six months into it, and you hit the proverbial wall.

You begin to question yourself. Your writing skills, your creativity, your topic of choice, your motivation.

Been there, done that?

Well for me, that time is right now.

So let me just say what I’m experiencing is not quite blogger burnout. There’s no way I should even be close to that point — because I haven’t blogged nearly enough.

Before you burn out, you at least need to have a fire started.

A kindling, a spark, or at least a few smoke spirals.

Right now, what I have the most of are — questions.

  • Should I be blogging about personal finance?
  • What can I offer to other people, when I’m such a financial screw-up?
  • Did I pick the wrong topic — maybe I’d be better off writing about something else
  • Is sticking to one topic as important as everyone says it is?

Let’s see if my logical mind can work this one out — or at least make me lean in one direction or the other.

Here are my 5 arguments / explanations as to why I’m not a personal finance blogger —

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How to Start Crushing Credit – 6 Month Debt Update

A 6 month debt update on this financial repayment journey. How we survived the holidays without buying gifts, ringing in the new year on a budget, credit card payments and other unexpected expenses. Progress made, a few steps backward, and a new financial perspective for the future (including an apology.)


Debt Update – 6 Months into Repayment

Well hello there — Fancy meeting you here, on my Debt Update page.

What have I been up to? Well, as you might have noticed, my last Debt progress report was quite some time ago.

Yup. The ball was essentially dropped. Several of them, actually.

While I’ve been floundering around in non-blogging land, the rest of the world has been turning.

Time has passed me by while I’ve been Pinning, Tweeting, Facebooking (is that a verb?), and doing other less-than-strategic activities in order to avoid actual writing.

But then a sweet and wonderful person did something to shake me out of my blogging coma —

She asked me for an update.

It was as simple as that.

I’m documenting my financial journey so that others might learn from it —

  • How to pay off debt
  • What’s working, what isn’t
  • How to make extra money to pay off bills
  • And how to make everyday life a little more enjoyable

And – shocker of all shockers – someone actually wants to read it. (Isn’t that the point??) So why in the world I’m not openly providing this information is entirely beyond my realm of knowledge.

Talk about being one’s own worst enemy — silly, rabbit.

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