37 Perfect Graduation Gifts for Guys

Gift Ideas for Grads — Huge Guide with 37 Graduation Gifts for Guys

Gift Ideas for Grads -- Huge Guide with 37 Graduation Gifts for Guys #graduation #gifts #graduate #guys #giftideas #college #graduationgift

High school graduation season will soon be upon us. It’s when young adults are full of promise and expectations, ready to begin their journey into adulthood. Some may be college bound, some may be entering the workforce. Others may make the decision to serve our country.

But one thing’s for sure — their lives will inevitably be changing. No longer a teenager in high school, they will be encountering new opportunities and facing new challenges.

Having raised two sons myself, I can definitely testify at times it was hard — for all of us.

But once they had that diploma in their hands, it was clearly worth it — the significance of what they’d accomplished — and where it might lead them in the future.

So what do you get a graduate to show how proud you are of his or her accomplishments?

What token of appreciation can you find to show you believe in their future?

Are there practical gifts that can provide a small boost, that step up to their next stage in life?

I don’t know about you, but I really believe finding a graduation gift for a boy is so much harder than for a girl.

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7 Things You Need to Know About Social Anxiety

7 Things You Need to Know About Social Anxiety

So this post is going to be a little different …

I don’t have much to say about making or saving money. I don’t have helpful tips on how to build your blog.

I have no courses or affiliates to recommend. 

This post is different, because yesterday was a really tough day for me.

Yes, I said that heinous word “me” — instead of “you”.

Because when you start a blog, it’s all about the audience, and I get that.

You’re not supposed to talk about yourself, because strangers aren’t particularly interested in your life —

They visit your blog to read about what you can offer to them. What you can teach them, or what nuggets of wisdom you can share.

Totally understandable — Your time is a valuable asset, and you don’t want to waste it just reading about someone else’s day.

So if you’d like to tune out, now would be the time.

But I do have something to share, and since I’m paying for this platform … I may as well go ahead and say it.

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5 Reasons Why I Shouldn’t Be Your Financial Role Model

5 Reasons Why I’m Not a Personal Finance Blogger …

… And should NOT be your financial role model


Full disclosure.Top 5 Reasons Why I'm Not a Personal Finance Blogger. Are there requirements to being considered a personal finance blogger? Do you need to actually be successful with money in order to write about it?

This whole beginner blogging thing has been a struggle.

You start out all wide-eyed and pumped-up, like — “Oh, I have so much to say, just try and stop me! I’m going to slay the blogging world with all of my intense thoughts and fresh perspectives on things.”

You pick a topic to write about — and you’re all gung-ho, ready to make a difference.

But then something happens, maybe six months into it, and you hit the proverbial wall.

You begin to question yourself. Your writing skills, your creativity, your topic of choice, your motivation.

Been there, done that?

Well for me, that time is right now.

So let me just say what I’m experiencing is not quite blogger burnout. There’s no way I should even be close to that point — because I haven’t blogged nearly enough.

Before you burn out, you at least need to have a fire started.
A kindling, a spark, or at least a few smoke spirals.

Right now, what I have the most of are — questions.

  • Should I be blogging about personal finance?
  • What can I offer to other people, when I’m such a financial screw-up?
  • Did I pick the wrong topic — maybe I’d be better off writing about something else…
  • Is sticking to one topic as important as everyone says it is?

Let’s see if my logical mind can work this one out — or at least make me lean in one direction or the other.

Here are my 5 arguments / explanations as to why I’m not a personal finance blogger —

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Best Anti Static Shampoo for Flyaway Hair

Best Anti Static Shampoo for Fly-Away Hair | When cold weather and low humidity meet toe-to-toe, you know there's a heap of trouble brewing. Mix that up with a head of hair that's already low on moisture, possibly dry or damaged, and that's a recipe for disaster

Best Anti Static Shampoo for Fly-Away Hair | When cold weather and low humidity meet toe-to-toe, you know there's a heap of trouble brewing. Mix that up with a head of hair that's already low on moisture, possibly dry or damaged, and that's a recipe for disaster


Product Review:  Maple Holistics Winter Blend Anti Static Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Picture this — It’s a cold, snowy Friday night. You’re on your way to meet family and friends at a restaurant for a birthday party. Your birthday party.

There will be group photos, there will be selfies, there will be Snap stories. You’re wearing your most complimentary yet comfy outfit, and your makeup looks classy without appearing too overdone.

You dash into the venue, shrugging off your heavy coat and pulling the wool cap from your head.

Then you turn to look in the mirror.

And see this:

little girl with flyaway static in hair

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How to Start Crushing Debt – 6 Month Update

This page includes affiliate links. This means I may receive some sort of compensation (at no cost to you) if you make a purchase through these links.

A 6 month debt update on this financial repayment journey. How we survived the holidays without buying gifts, ringing in the new year on a budget, credit card payments and other unexpected expenses. Progress made, a few steps backward, and a new financial perspective for the future (including an apology.)


Debt Update – 6 Months into Repayment

Well hello there — Fancy meeting you here, on my Debt Update page.

What have I been up to? Well, as you might have noticed, my last Debt update was quite some time ago.

Yup. The ball was essentially dropped. Several of them, actually.

While I’ve been floundering around in non-blogging land, the rest of the world has been turning.

Time has passed me by while I’ve been Pinning, Tweeting, Facebooking (is that a verb?), and doing other less-than-strategic activities in order to avoid actual writing.

But then a sweet and wonderful person did something to shake me out of my blogging coma —

She asked me for an update.

It was as simple as that.

I’m documenting my financial journey so that others might learn from it —

  • How to pay off debt
  • What’s working, what isn’t
  • How to make extra money to pay off bills
  • And how to make everyday life a little more enjoyable

And – shocker of all shockers – someone actually wants to read it. (Isn’t that the point??) So why in the world I’m not openly providing this information is entirely beyond my realm of knowledge.

Talk about being one’s own worst enemy — silly, rabbit.

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Why You Might Choose to Start a Blog Anonymously

Starting a blog is a scary thing.

You’re putting yourself out there for the whole world to see.  All eyes are on you.

Will anyone read it? Will anyone take you seriously?

And if they do take you seriously, will they hate everything you’ve written?

There are so many great bloggers out there … how can you possibly compete with their awesome-ness?

What if one of them reads your stuff and calls you a fraud — or what if NO ONE reads your stuff??? Aaaaccckkkk!!!!!!

You open yourself up to such intense criticism, who knows if you will ever recover.


Starting a Blog - Why I choose to blog anonymously


Just kidding. That’s not the way it is.

That’s just what your mind tells you, at first.

In all reality, you will stress out way more than is necessary, worrying about how people will react to what you’ve written.

In the beginning, unless you send your posts directly to friends and family members who will share their fully-biased support, it’s highly unlikely that you will gain random, out-of-the-blue readership.

(There — feel better now??)

In my case, I honestly don’t know what’s worse — having friends & family pick apart all of my posts — wondering if I’m referring to them — asking why I’m not writing more about them specifically ….

Or not having an audience at all.

Like, literally hearing crickets. (Well, I guess not literally crickets, unless I’m sitting out in my back yard …)


Having a Captive Audience

So if you’re starting a blog, why wouldn’t you want your friends and family to be the very first to experience your well-thought-out nuggets of wisdom?

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How to Use Pinterest to Boost Blog Traffic

How I’m Increasing My Pinterest Reach to almost 100k Impressions in 3 Months

Part One – Getting Started with PinterestHow to Use Pinterest to Bring Traffic to Your Blog - Part One of How I’m Increasing My Pinterest Reach to almost 100k Impressions in 3 Months. What strategies to use when pinning to group boards, how to use pinning schedulers, and how to gain traffic with manual pinning.

In my last Blogging Update, I posted about dipping your toes into the Pinterest waters, and trying the various tools that can supposedly drive more traffic to your blog.

I’ve been experimenting with some of these, and wanted to share what I’m learning so far.

This post contains affiliate links as well as my honest opinions (which I’m sure may fluctuate over time.) Feel free to peruse my findings, poke at any of the flaws, and come to your own conclusions.

Also note that I am a part-time blogger, therefore these results may be dampened a bit. If you have the capability to pursue this full-time, I really believe your success will be even greater. I hope to do this full-time some day. But for now, I’m taking advantage of whatever process enhancements I can find.

This post will examine how I’m faring so far in the wide world of Pinterest.

No time to read right now? Pin For Later!

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