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Ross Perez is the Real Finance Guy. After graduating with a degree in economics from the University of Washington, he went straight to work at Tableau Software as employee number 93. Through the course of the next 8 years he worked his way up the ranks and managed to build a small nest egg through Incentive Stock Options (a subject that he literally wrote the book on). Since then he’s onto a new startup and has been aggressively saving and investing in real estate and the stock market in an attempt to retire by 50. Real Finance Guy is the story of his financial journey.

Can You Start a Blog to Make Some Serious Money Online?

Start a Blog to Make a Profitable Income - Make it Happen

Blogging as a Profitable Side Hustle

There are a lot of varying opinions on whether blogging can be considered a profitable side hustle. Mainly because of the amount of effort required in starting and maintaining a blog. There’s also quite a bit of a learning curve with blogging in general.

But what if you could get started blogging with all the steps laid out for you? A blog road map, so to speak. Instead of flailing about (as I did), trying everything under the sun, in order to make this blogging thing stick. If you had these steps to follow, it could put you on the path to start a blog that’s profitable for the long haul. With some initial work up front, organized in a logical and straight forward way. To then start generating a passive income going forward.

With this next post, you’ll learn more about how to do just that —

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