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Begging for Money: The Tough Love Guide to Finally Getting it Together

Begging for Money - Man in suit with hand out
Begging for Money

Beggars Might Be Choosers

Has begging for money become the new norm? It seems that the internet has become an easy way for people to become online panhandlers. I’ve shared many ways to make extra money from home, online, and even creative side hustle ideas (ie “Dave jobs” for all of you Dave Ramsey fans).

From CyberBeg to BeggingMoney, there’s no shortage of sites available to ask strangers for financial help.

But at some point, you have to get your financial shiz together and take responsibility for your own successes and failures.

Here are four ways to get it done.

Step 1: Evaluate your Income

Do you make enough money to support yourself, your partner, and/or your kids? According to the US Census Bureau, median household income was $61,372 in 2017. Income is calculated including wages and salaries, as well as any kind of governmental entitlement such as unemployment insurance, disability payments or child support payments received, along with any personal business, investment, or other recurring sources of income for all persons over the age of 15 in the household (whether related or not).

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Selling Your Used Cell Phone to Get Top Dollar

How You Can Sell Your Used Cell Phone Online
Sell Your Used Cell Phone Online


Last week my phone up and died on me. It was pretty old — at least according to current standards. It was an iPhone 6 that I’d been using for the past 3 years. And I’d been noticing the battery was not staying charged anymore.

Then one day — kaplooey — it just wouldn’t start up at all.

Luckily, I’d been pretty diligent with keeping it backed up to the Cloud, so didn’t lose all of my files, photos or videos. And even luckier, we happened to have another phone laying around the house. My partner had an old 6 plus that he used before upgrading to the X. So I was able to have everything transferred to that device, and get it activated.

However I did go 3 entire days with no phone whatsoever — Which wasn’t actually as catastrophic as one might think. Then again, I do work entirely from home, so it’s pretty easy for people to get in touch with me. If I had a job that required a fair amount of travel, I’d want to have a phone handy.

But had my phone lived for a few months longer, I most likely was going to upgrade anyway. And definitely would have looked into a way to trade in the older model for some sort of compensation. So the following article is something I’d like to keep in my back pocket, for future reference.

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Using Christian Healthcare Ministries to Provide Quality Medical Coverage

Doctor visit pediatrician with mom and little girl
Save on Medical Bills with Christian Healthcare Ministries


Saving Money on Health Care

When it comes to saving money, one of the largest expenses families worry about is healthcare. With the cost of healthcare increasing over the past few years, it’s no wonder so many are struggling to make ends meet. And with medical bills on the rise, many people are sacrificing other necessities in order to get the quality healthcare they need.

An option that maybe you haven’t considered is faith-based healthcare. And honestly, I’d never even heard of the concept, prior to reading my friend Melissa’s experiences below.

But it totally makes sense. And it can be a wonderful option for families who need dependable and affordable healthcare. Sharing a portion of the financial responsibility, along with other Christian plan members. Everyone contributing to a large pool of funds to help spread the financial burden. That sure sounds like a fair and equitable way to manage health costs all around.

And with that, I’d like to introduce Melissa, who blogs at Perfection Hangover.

The Changing Times

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