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Jeff writes a weekly blog on The Kickass Entrepreneur, a site focused on helping entrepreneurs expand their business, improve profits, and create wealth. Jeff ran his business for 26-years, sold to private equity for 8-figures in 2017, and semi-retired at the age of 49. Throughout the years, Jeff built a portfolio of apartment buildings that he continues to manage until today. You can subscribe to his weekly blog posts.

The Peter Principle: How to Go from Crisis to Quadrupling Profits

Peter Principle - Climbing Ladder to Reach Ceiling
Peter Principle – Climbing Ladder to Reach Ceiling

The Peter Principle: How to Go from Crisis to Quadrupling Profits

Who would have thought that one of my best employees resigning would be among the most valuable leadership lessons I needed to quadruple profits. Or that it would become the catalyst for me selling my business.

Don’t believe it? Let me explain.

I started my small business fresh out of college in 1991 at the age of 23.

Other than a three-month gig, I had never really worked for anyone or had a formal job. I’ve been self-employed my entire life. And for the most part, the leadership lessons I’ve learned over the years were through “on-the-job” training.

Unfortunately, I started the business on a shoestring budget. So by my sixth month in business, I was down to my last few hundred dollars. Literally days from closing the doors.

I managed to hold on, month to month, for at least the first couple of years, barely eking out some positive cash flow.

In the early years, I looked after everything from sales,to marketing and accounting, to technical support. I even cleaned the toilets. I regularly worked 70 to 90 hours a week for the first five years. Often sleeping in the office and rarely, if ever, taking a day off.

Fast forward many years later (October 2017 to be exact) and I had successfully closed on the largest transaction of my life when I sold my 50-employee business to private equity.

Now in the fortunate position, at the age of 51, I’m living the life I imagined when I was a young and somewhat clueless 23-year-old entrepreneur.

Those early years growing the business were challenging. Not only because it was hard to find sales and cash flow was so tight but, most importantly, because I had never really managed anyone other than myself.

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Investing in Multi-Family Apartments to Build Wealth

Investing in Multi-Family Apartments
Investing in Multi-Family Apartments

Creating Wealth by Investing in Multi-Family Apartments

Do you want to create massive wealth investing in multi-family apartments via investment real estate?

Let me show you how.

Most people believe the best way to build wealth in real estate is to buy a REIT (real estate investment trust), which you can easily buy on the stock market.

And there’s nothing wrong with investing in the stock market, or, buying a REIT for that matter, but, the serious wealth, the kind of money that propels you into the top 1%, is made by those individuals who understand the fundamentals of how to strategically value, buy, upgrade, and sell their own properties.

According to this Forbes magazine article, “How the World’s Billionaires Got So Rich,” real estate and business ownership are at the top of the list.

And that’s what I am going to explain in this post.

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