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Dave Ramsey Baby Steps Explained

Dave Ramsey Baby Steps
Dave Ramsey Baby Steps

Dave Ramsey Baby Steps Explained

See How To Finally Put An End To Your Financial Misery

If you enjoy reading and learning about personal finance, then it’s safe to say you’ve probably heard the name Dave Ramsey.

Since the 90’s, The Dave Ramsey Baby Steps have helped millions of people get out of debt and start them down the path to achieving financial freedom.

No matter how many blogs I read or podcasts I listen to, his name stands out more than any others.


It’s because he understands the motivation people need to get out of debt. And he’s built his empire around this method.

He even inspired me to go through his Master Training Program and become a financial coach.

I think the world would be a better place if we follow his example by sharing our failures with others to help them avoid the same mistakes that we make.

In his early 20’s, Dave owned over a million dollars of real estate but lost it all and went bankrupt. He then turned his failure into a multi-million dollar company that started with a radio show.

He’s also a marketing wizard. Early in his career, he wrote the book Financial Peace (then later, Financial Peace Revisited) and offered it for free to his church members.

When he later started his radio show, he was able to use it as a platform to both sell the book and the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps. The rest is history.

His entire focus then, and now, centers around his 7 Baby Steps and is known for encouraging people to become debt-free.

Whether you agree with him or not, most would at least benefit from listening to what he has to say.

My wife and I owe him a debt of gratitude. So today I’d like to give an overview of Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps.

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Should You Purchase a Home When You Have Debt?

Buying a new home with student loan debt


Here’s a topic that’s prevalent with so many educated professionals today. Managing student loan debt, while trying to move forward in your life.

You spend many years honing your skills to begin a highly coveted career in your field of choice. You finally earn the degrees and certifications to get started on your path. And the next step on that path is establishing a place you can call home.

But with all of that student loan debt you are now accountable for, can you afford to buy a house? Should you take on a mortgage, when you already have mountains of student loan debt looming over you?

This next post will go over all of that and more —

Jeff at Debt Free Doctor shares this in-depth analysis into both sides of this important decision.

The following article was originally published on The Money Mix, and is being republished with permission.


Buying a House When You Have Student Loan Debt

A topic about mortgages appeared recently on Dental Town, which is the world’s largest online community for dentists. The post discussed a video (see below) in which the wife of a recent dental school grad called in to get some advice on whether she should pay off their student loan debt before buying a house. In typical Dave Ramsey fashion, he aggressively answered her question.

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