Robin Rose

Robin is a full-time business professional who has worked in the insurance industry for over 20 years. She is also a personal finance blogger who shares her first hand experience with the struggles of money and debt. On Mastering the Side Jam, she focuses on ways to maximize efficiencies to make & save money, pay off debt, and live your best life. She has been been featured on The Money Mix, Rockstar Finance, The Financial Diet and Women's Money Talk, and has been quoted in various online publications.

Waxing Poetic on the Logistics of Writing

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Please excuse my ramblings…you’ve gotta start somewhere! The Background First off, I’m a writer. While it is not by profession, or by trade — it is by necessity. I need to write things down. I make lists. Prioritize.  I lay the options out on a page. Shuffle things around. Tweak. Expand. Reword. And hit the “undo” button many, many times.   The Purpose On occasion, I’ve entertained the thought of becoming a writer — of something. A book, an article, a memoir. My life’s work — or the reason I was put on this earth — to influence others? teach …

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Starting the Journey – Getting Out of Debt

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Debt Repayment Documentation This is the first *official* post documenting my family’s debt journey. Who’s excited?? Haha Through this, I’m trying to get a grasp on and form some structure around: –  What we’re paying out each month –  How much of that is actually reducing the balance –  What amount of debt is remaining First off, I’m finding the amounts are not balancing out perfectly. But I’m hoping this will all make more sense & be a little easier going forward. And really, the bottom line is to make sure the balance is going down and not up. Because if I’m doing …

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