Fetch Rewards App Review – Is It Worth Your Time?

Fetch Rewards app review - Is it worth your time? Plus FREE referral code

Updated 1/14/19

Fetch Rewards App Review 

If you’ve tried some popular receipt scanning apps like Ibotta, Checkout 51 or Saving Star, then you might have heard of a new one called the Fetch Rewards app.

Fetch Rewards App - Scan Receipt
Scan Receipts, Earn Points

Fetch Rewards is a receipt scanning app that turns your store receipts into rewards. According to its website, you use the Fetch Rewards app to scan grocery receipts from any grocery, convenience, or club store.


And actually, you can do way more than that. You can also scan receipts from drugstores, big box stores, dollar stores and liquor or package stores. 


The app reads the items from your receipt and “Fetches” points for you. And the points vary based on the product or brand that you purchase. Keep collecting points to redeem for awesome rewards. 

What kind of rewards? Well, all types of stuff –

Beauty products, electronics, clothing, music, housewares, restaurant gift cards and even Visa or MasterCard gift cards.

Want to check out Fetch Rewards? You can download the Fetch Rewards app from the App store for iOS devices, or from the Google Play store for an Android device.

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10 Things To Do Instead of Online Shopping

online shopping laptops exchanging money for gift bag


10 Things You (and I) Can Do Instead of Shopping Online

During this time of year, everything is go, go, go, go

A frenzied battle against the clock to prepare for the holidays, get through the holidays, recover from the holidays, and then hopefully get back to normal.

We rush to get through our regular workday so we can make it to a social gathering, or family event, or knock some items off the to-do list.

And at the end of the day, once we are finally able to sit down and relax on the couch, what do we do to wind down?

Maybe turn on the TV, catch up on the news, or the sports scores.

Or maybe listen to our favorite podcast or flash news briefing.

But a lot of the time we turn to the ‘net, and do some surfing.  And where does that typically lead us?

Amazon. eBay. QVC. LL Bean. Macy’s. And so many other online retailers that are just begging for our attention.

online shopping cart gift-buying


So now that I’m re-upping my focus on financial responsibility, I totally acknowledge the need to establish better money habits.

New hobbies that will add to my bounty, instead of subtracting from it. No longer spending just to spend, or justifying yet another unnecessary expense.

Because at the end of the day, what has online shopping really done for us?

For me personally, absolutely nothing but cause insecurities, regret, anxiety, and frustration.

So in no particular order, here are 10 things you can do instead of online shopping.

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