Who Doesn’t Love Adorable Bulldog Photos?

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Adorable Bulldogs!!

Anyone who knows me at all knows how much I LOVE bulldogs…

In fact, when I first decided to start a blog, my other half kind of balked at my proposed topic of saving money.

He was confused as to why I wasn’t writing a blog entirely about bulldogs.

Bulldog Gus Looking Up

Bulldog Layla Tutu







And I told him that while it would be great to write solely about this fantastic breed, it was almost too niched-down.

To which he responded — Ummm Nish-whutt??


   Bulldog Gus Chair


So while I agree I’m really passionate about the adorable bulldog topic, and could really find so many stories to write about this breed, it’s not something that would appeal to the masses.

Don’t get me wrong — there are tons of bulldog lovers out there.  But did I really want to paint myself into a corner, and only write about adorable bulldogs?

(*Gus and Layla say “Yes, yes you should!!*)

But I decided, as a happy medium, I would go the saving & making money route — and sprinkle in some bulldog-related anecdotes.

Bulldog Gus Layla Portrait

Anyone who actually owns a bulldog knows — they are one of the most (if not THE most) expensive breeds to maintain.

Meaning, beyond the initial expense of buying from a reputable breeder (unless you are able to adopt, which is always a preferred first-step, in my opinion…)

Actually OWNING a bulldog — and keeping up with grooming, feeding, known issues and general health — can be quite costly.

The breed is predisposed to several health issues that can cost a large chunk of change.

Just a few examples are:  hip dysplasia, cruciate ligament (knee) surgery, elongated soft palate & nose nare reconstruction (both contribute to breathing issues).

Bulldog Layla Gus Super Heroes

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Bulldogs are considered a brachycephalic breed — meaning they have those smooshed faces. This means a lot of additional considerations come into play when it comes to their health.

They overheat very easily, so can’t stay out in the hot sun. Even just a few minutes can result in a life or death situation.

They can also have issues tolerating certain types of anesthesia, so your vet will need to be extra careful if they are put under for any surgeries.

Bulldog Gus Reindog










Bulldog Gus Skull HoodieBulldog Gus Elf















English bulldogs are also known to have several skin care issues. Having a bulldog often means having to deal with skin allergies. In addition, all of those extra skin folds mean you need to keep them super-clean and dry. If this is neglected, then yeast and bacteria will grow between the folds, causing icky red spots and extreme discomfort for your pal!


Super helpful reference post from socalbulldogrescue.org


And those teeth! Since most bulldogs have a protruding jaw and that well-known underbite, their dental health also needs to be taken into consideration.

They don’t chew exactly like other dogs do, and can have a hard time keeping their teeth clean.

My vet recommends these daily dental chews by Oravet — And both of my dogs absolutely LOVE them! (Honestly, if they could eat the entire box, they would!!) Oravet dental chews work to break down the plaque on my dogs’ teeth, and also keep their breath super fresh.

BONUS:  Oravet also offers a rebate — for every 3 boxes purchased, you get $$ back. I believe it depends on what size was purchased, but can range from $8-$15.Bulldog Gus Puppy

So that’s my Bulldog 101 entry level course. LOL.

And….I managed to work in a money-saving tip as well!

Bulldogs are a quirky, fun and lovable breed. But they also are high maintenance, which is something to consider before deciding to adopt or purchase a new fur pal.

And that really applies to all breeds, including mixed breeds. There are so many wonderful dogs waiting to be adopted — just make sure before you do, that you do your homework and are ready and willing to take on this extra responsibility.


Bulldog Gus Super Dog

Bulldog Gus Layla Sweaters

English Bulldogs

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