13 Lessons Classic Horror Movies Teach Us About Personal Finance

Trick or Treat - What I Learned From Horror Movies
Trick or Treat

13 Finance Lessons Learned from Horror Movies

I grew up watching horror movies. Which is a bit comical, since I’m pretty much a big chicken.

No joke. If someone jumps out at me from around the corner yelling “Boo!”, I’m gone.

You’ll find me two miles down the road, without a thought of returning until the whole house has been purged of evil spirits.

I don’t know why I consented to watch all of these films. Maybe it was a sign of the times.

Because it seems like the 80’s was the decade of scary movies. Or that could just be my warped recollection.

But family fun night — let’s watch Friday the 13th!

Teenage sleepover — of course, Sleepaway Camp!

And for the annual Halloween party — well, I’d expect nothing less than gathering together to watch our favorite silent masked villain — no, not that one, the other one. Michael Myers, of course.

Watching horror movies was a legit rite of passage when I was a kid.

And it went hand-in-hand with checking under my bed, sleeping with the lights on, and asking my dad to check for monsters in the closet.

And yes, as a full grown adult, I am still afraid of the dark.

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An Imaginary Letter From My Future Self

An Imaginary Letter From My Future Self - butterflies
Moving Forward (Yes, It Will Get Better…)

Full Disclosure:  I wrote this post several months ago, however was too afraid to hit the “publish” button. I’m now at a point where I’m at peace with my past as well as my future. But I’m also still healing, so felt it would be a step in the right direction to go ahead and put this out there. Maybe I’ll wind up taking it back down, or hiding it deep within my site somewhere. We’ll see what the future holds …


An Imaginary Letter From My Future Self

You read a lot of articles where experts are asked to write letters to their younger selves. Like, if they could go back 10 or 15 years, what advice or wisdom they’d offer.

Whether they would’ve gone to that private college, or saved money by going local. If that first new car was actually worth it, or if they could’ve survived and thrived with a used one. And, for God’s sake, to make sure they started planning for retirement right out of the gate!

And I guess that’s what this article is about. Except from a point in time that hasn’t yet occurred. I don’t yet have that wisdom. I haven’t learned the lessons to pass on to my former self.

But —

If it were at all possible to fast forward to the future — If it already happened to be a few months or years from now — There are a few things I’d like to hear from my future self right now.

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Spending Money — One of Many Things I Learned in College…

What I Learned from Spending Money in College
What I Learned from Spending Money in College

Blast from the Past

Recently, I’ve been cleaning house. Both literally and figuratively.

But more specifically — sifting through closets and shelves and basement containers. Trying to make sense of some of the clutter taking up space in my house.

I’ve lived here for all of five years. But for some reason, it feels like stuff has been accumulating for decades.

So I figured it was time to clear out some clutter. To eliminate the excessive objects overwhelming my living quarters. And really, to assess items of actual value to keep long term, while minimizing items merely taking up space.

And since it just so happened I’d already been splitting up some of my household’s personal property, it seemed appropriate to clear out some other clutter during this process as well.

I knew I had my work cut out for me

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My New Normal: Second Chances, Reinventing, Beginning Again

second chance new normal
My New Normal: Second Chances and Beginning Again

Starting Over and the New Normal

I have a confession.

I feel like I’ve been failing as a blogger. Sorely ignoring my duties to the public. I’m supposed to deliver money-saving advice, provide guidance on profitable side hustles, and even offer an empathetic viewpoint of how challenges can be thrown at you when you least expect it.

Forgive me, Readers, for I have been absent. It’s been awhile since my last blog post, and I am seeking forgiveness. (Spoken like a true former catholic school attendee.)

And no, it won’t be an easy thing to achieve penance. Y’all are a tough crowd — smart, yet fair. But as they often say — out of sight, out of mind.

How many new personal finance blogs have emerged over the past few months? Probably many. So many newbie bloggers who have no idea who I am, or that I ever even existed.

I’ve been shirking these duties, burying my head in the sand, blissfully ignoring this platform that I sculpted and sweated and struggled into existence several years ago.

This blog that became my one true voice, at a time when most everything in my world was uncertain and uncomfortable, only I didn’t want to admit it.

Challenged by issues with money, debt, and conflicting relationships. It would all come to a head, but I was doing my best to resist it.

And then my world kind of splattered — kaplooey — only it was the best thing to possibly happen.

And then what did I do?

I took a break.

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